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This weekend we're celebrating Lara's parents' golden wedding anniversary.  I'll turn off posting in the classes from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon Aussie time (roughly late Thursday night to late Saturday night in the USA).  If you have important photos please post them before then.

While I'm away you can still access the classes to read them, of course, and Ask Damien and Ask Brian will still be operating as usual, but answers will be somewhat delayed.

Thanks for your understanding.


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  1. Thanks Damian, I needed that. Will do and will be signing up for your classes tomorrow Yay!!! Cheers Micki
  2. Thanks for these. Now I suppose my next question, which is a doozy, is how to file, name, catalog, etc. Is this part of your classes or do I need to look elsewhere and if so some suggestions would be fantastic. I know you/Damian really do not like Lightroom and I have no idea how it works as well, but could/should I use it just as an image organiser? Appreciate your thoughts. I will be taking all your classes but desperately want to learn how to do this the best way from the very start. Cheers Micki
  3. Ok so I am an absolute newbie. Just bought my new camera and am not sure how to get the images from it to ACR. Is this gone over anywhere on this site? Just need to know if this is covered here or could you suggest another resource that goes over this please?
  4. Hi guys, I am a complete newby and I think I read that Damien suggested to start with Elements rather than PS CC. Is this the case? If so may I ask why? A year of CC is slightly more expensive than Elements 15 (that is the latest one correct?) which isn't an issue for me. I am ready to get going with the classes but want to do it the way he suggests. Thanks and cheers Micki Wells