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  1. My apologies! I think I found it under the colour utility app.
  2. Hi Damien! I recently purchased a 2021 MacBook Pro 2021, I had a MacBook Air previously. I calibrated my screen with my colourchecker display device and saved the profiles. However on my Macbook Pro I can’t seem to select any colour profiles in the display settings as I did with my air. Am I doing this wrong? I’ll attach the display settings below. thank you!
  3. Excellent, will do! Overall, I am very pleased with the results and appreciate all of your help!
  4. Forgot to add, I did need to re calibrate as my prints were warmer than my screen. I followed your instructions with the screen temp divided by 100, and the prints matched much better.
  5. I had printed a couple photos where the client was wearing red, and when seeing if they matched to the prints the reds on the screen seemed more saturated than the actual print. Not by a ton, but noticeable for me. Another photo was of my nephew and he has darker skin, which is being recognized as orange when editing. On the screen he looks more saturated than on the print if that makes sense. Like I said, it’s not a huge amount of I do notice it!
  6. Hi Damien! I received my calibrater and followed your instructions. Everything seems pretty bang on, however reds, and oranges appear to be a little more saturated on my screen. Just wondering if this common as I know they won’t be identical, but it seems very close! Thank you! Rachael
  7. Yes I totally understand what you mean. Unfortunately it’s not the best lighting down here, but this is the best we’ve got! Thank you for your input! I’ll keep it as is! I’ll touch base when the calibrated arrives!
  8. Just placed an order for it! Would you be able to give me your thoughts on my workspace? I’ve read your article about ambient light, which is something I honestly never even thought of. I’ve been trying to make our basement the only place to edit to stay consistent, as we hardly get any natural light through the one window down here, so it’s the closest I can get to a “windowless nook”. Our basement has two light fixtures, each with 3 5000k daylight bulbs in them. The lights are able to turn in different directions as well. I’ll attach some photos of my set up below, and would greatly appreciate your thoughts and what I should change. Don't mind the mess, kids, and we run another business, so it’s an all in one playroom/workspace. Thanks again! Rachael
  9. Great! I will order that one, and let you know how it goes! Thank you so much for your help! Rachael
  10. Thank you for your help. I’ve done some research and this is what I can find, does it appear that it will work with my MacBook Air? My display is 2560 x 1600 and version 15.0. Thank you for your time and help, Rachael
  11. Oops sorry. Misread your response. Is this the correct one?
  12. Thank you for your prompt response. Do you know another brand that works for a MacBook Air?
  13. Hi Damien, My apologies if you have answered this question, I'm still very much learning in regards to calibration. Which calibration device would you recommend for a MacBook Air with M1 chip, retina display? Ive been looking at the Spyder X Pro & Spyder X Elite. Is there one recommended more over the other for this laptop, or another one you would recommend? My prints came back darker than whats on my screen, and the colour seems slightly off. My screen colour profile is currently set to Colour LCD. Thank you for your time, Rachael
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