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  1. Thanks for your help. Will try recalibrating in a couple of weeks...😃
  2. You're right!!!!!! I'll recalibrate and keep you posted!!
  3. Sorry, didn't realise you wanted to see a picture of that step, but never get to that step. I have the calibrate color checker display... Thanks! Hope we get there!
  4. Driving you nuts! Tried recalibrating, but had this error coming up. Any idea what it means?
  5. Sorry, standard (default) 2.20 or custom Gamma at 2.20?
  6. Ok, and recalibrate? u think it''ll work now? Thanks!!!!
  7. Dunno, what should I change it to?!?
  8. Yes, I chose my brightness target as 80. Interesting, that my prints are still warmer....
  9. No, wasn't notified about it? Where should I check it out? Thanks!
  10. Ok, did that and attaching my graph-it's still sliding downwards. What does it mean? And my screen is still darker than my prints.
  11. My lighting seems fine. I realised that I can adjust the brightness of my screen, (there are buttons behind the screen) though my brightness is already on 100% and my screen is still quite dark, which makes it hard to work on.
  12. Thanks, so yes-I did follow all the instructions perfectly, though was unable to adjust the brightness of my screen before calibrating and whilst calibrating. My screen's native temperature is 6396k. and I didn't achieve a perfect graph (see screenshot) My prints still are warmer to my screen. Do my figures look terrible? anything I can do to make my prints match my screens colour? P.s Makes sense that after calibrating my screen, it changed the screens brightness and made my screen quite dark to work with? Thanks so much!
  13. Hi! Thanks for being ready to help out! I calibrated my monitor, though my prints still don't match my screen. I have the calibrate color checker display, I have a viewsonic screen. When I calibrated, I didn't adjust the brightness on my screen, because there doesn't seem to be an option of doing that with my screen-do you think that's the issue? Or is there anything else I could to get my screen to match my prints? Thanks!
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