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  1. On a usb drive. The USB drive is holding a SD card with pictures that my 2nd shooter took at a wedding for me.
  2. hmmm. Interesting. I can rate other pictures in other folders.
  3. Hi Damien, I may have made a mistake and updated to the newest version of Bridge. Currently, I cannot rate any of my images. I was able to rate them last week but not now. I've tried just using numbers on the keyboard, using ctrl plus a number on the keyboard, and using the mouse. Nothing works.
  4. I'm not sure where to ask this exactly, but when editing events with large amounts of pictures, do you do levels editing on all pictures (even pictures of people eating) or just important ones (such as formal portraits and cutting the cake)?
  5. Shsp00

    too blurry?

    OK. Thanks so much for taking the time to look at it.
  6. Shsp00

    too blurry?

    Decided to jump right on it, and I reposted the original image to make sure I was giving you only a RAW edited version.
  7. Shsp00

    too blurry?

    Thanks. Didn't know there was such a section. Been super busy. Will get back with you in a bit.
  8. Is the subject too blurry in this picture?
  9. It took a while for me to get some computer issues figured out, but my tech guy husband saved the day for me. I googled how to batch edit. I'm going to take the Bridge class soon!
  10. What is the Bridge alternative for Photoshop Elements? I'm not sure I downloaded the right thing, or if I did, I'm having a hard time figuring out how to edit with it.
  11. So, I liquefied, but did not like how my dodge and burn turned out. I ended up cloning instead. I think it's ok. Below is the corrected picture and crop.
  12. I'm comfortable with liquify but I have only used D&B a couple of times.
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