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  1. These are the graphs from the warmer one. This one more closely matches my prints.
  2. Ok, did it again. It is a lot closer. I feel like the color temp is a lot different on the screens tho. On looks quit a bit cooler to me than the other. These are the graphs from the one that looks cooler to me.
  3. I have recalibrated again. I still feel like it is too bright. The prints I have are very old, would that make a difference? I also feel like the color temperature is different on each screen.
  4. I feel like my prints are slightly darker than my screen. What is my next step?
  5. Recalibrated both screens, do these look acceptable? Digging out prints to compare.
  6. I have not calibrated yet. The monitors came with papers showing their calibration readings but I would assume that I need to do it myself, correct?
  7. Thanks! Also this one is using microsoft edge, is that good or do I need to switch to firefox?
  8. Damien, I recently purchased a new computer and had to reinstall photoshop. Can you link me to how to setup the workspace and check the color profile?
  9. I'm shopping for both, which ones do you recommend?
  10. Brian, I am looking at doing a desktop upgrade and would also like to purchase a laptop. Can you recommend some options? I saw in another thread where you recommended an HP laptop, is this still you best recommendation? Also what about wacom tablets, any recommendations on those?
  11. Still needs work around the pink poofs. I plan on cropping it in so I didn't finish all the way to the edges. Also straightened it some before I started.
  12. Any way to minimize the gray lines in the drop?
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