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  1. 3rd boy on sidewalk

    thanks...I had a issue with my 135 2.0L last year where the optical ring needed adjustment ... but forever I thought it was me doing something wrong. Now I am a little neurotic over my focusing. And the image here was right after I got it back and was testing it out.
  2. Last Thursday I got glasses (hello 40). I see much better, but I swear everything is slightly, yet noticeably, warmer. Friday I went back to ask about what could be making me see more yellow, I was treated like I was crazy, but I really just think they did not want to deal with me or have to replace anything. I have a feeling it has to do with the anti glare coating they recommended I have put on the lenses. Has anyone here ever heard of this?
  3. This guys Greens?!?

    Thanks. Here it is
  4. This guys Greens?!?

    Yes, sorry! This image is a bit soft, but I think it will do for this?
  5. I love how this guy does his greens, and I was wondering if you have any tips on how to do this. His site does not allow you to link to specific pics...but the first image in his portfolio is a great example. I have seen some of his SOOC images in a another closed group...I know copying and posting them here would be a no, no. So I will just mention a few things in case the info is helpful: he is all natural light, the first image is with the canon 135 2.0, seems to always underexpose his images... http://www.stevethomas-jonesphotography.com/portfolio/
  6. Mom and kids

    Focus check, please. Here is am image of three people, that are on the same focal plane, yet seem to be focused differently. Would you agree that none are in great focus and the kids worse that them mom? The whole reason I sent my lens off to canon in the first place was it seemed to perform better with single subjects than a group. I do not focus recompose and I was laying on the ground for this shot, so I doubt camera shake is the issue. I am just trying to see if my focus judgement is off and my expectations are unrealistic or if I have an issue that I need to find a solution for.
  7. mom and baby

    focus check please I think this one is pretty good...but would you consider it perfectly focused? Should I be happy with this result from me and my lens? thank you.
  8. 3rd boy on sidewalk

    This one I think is good...front eye looks focused, but back eye soft, but it was shot at 2.2...so seems right to me, but I would love your opinion/focus check.
  9. 2nd boy on sidewalk focus check

    focus check please.
  10. boy on sidewalk - focus check

    I do not really think the first image is in focus - I just got a lens back from canon saying they adjusted the optical ring...trying to figure out if this lens is performing or not. Of course I would still like to hear what you think. I am going to post a few other similar images to see what you think. thanks.
  11. boy on sidewalk - focus check

    Focus check please