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  1. I was not aware of that! It may be a couple months before I will get a new one.
  2. I have a PC desktop running Windows 7 and Photoshop CC. It is over 8 years old, and has 4GB of RAM. Its hard drive has 207GB free out of 916GB. The last time I shut down was just before posting this thread. I have never run a cleanup program.
  3. I installed Bridge ( Hopefully my computer will make it lol It's been freezing/lagging badly since installing the new programs😏). I'm going to sign up for the Bridge Class.
  4. No I haven’t installed Bridge yet. I will have to go back and read the Levels class again. Thank you!
  5. I have recently started using Photoshop CC. Is there going to be much difference between PSE 12 and PS? I went over the RAW class again and it looks the same so far.
  6. Yes!! That looks better! What colors did you choose??
  7. Here are the links for the 2 photos I posted here. https://www.sixthbloom.com/what-to-wear-for-senior-pictures/ https://www.instagram.com/p/Bf7aoFUnpsf/ I like this editing style. Would this difficult to learn?
  8. I sent some to be printed. I will pick them up in the morning.
  9. I actually haven’t had a chance to get prints
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