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  1. Hi guys, I decided to see what all the fuss was about with using Lightroom. I stumbled along. Today I had a photo printed, and out of the whole set it looked shit. I couldn't work out why as it looks so different to on screen - very dark & dull. I then have realised that when going over from lightroom to PS CC, it transferred as tiff & the colour space is now ProPhoto. I can't remember how to change it. Does tiff make a difference or is it the ProPhoto bit? Can I change it on this group of photos I have exported into PS already, or do I need to step backwards? I haven't used this site much since coming from Facebook, so I can't find the link either to read. I am in the raw class on here too, if that is where it is. Sorry. Thanks in advance Nicole
  2. Bloody Heck, just when I got used to the AD page & gained courage to post. I'm a bit the same as acmc, bummed, but ready to give it a go. I hope the momentum of this forum stays strong and doesn't fizzle like other forums I have been on. I understand AD going this way, as FB only has limited uses & controls all users - bit hard for business owners
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