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  1. Here are the screenshots I am trying to get Replichrome back into ACR
  2. When I updated my bridge/ACR I lost half of my ACR presets. I have followed multiple tutorials which show the same way : LIBRARY - APPLICATION SUPPORT-ADOBE-CAMERA RAW-SETTING. When I get to settings I see exec files for my missing presets and xmp files current presets in my ACR. With my exec files it does say the name of the preset I want plus the ending .xmp. How do I get those missing presets into my updated bridge. Also, in bridge if I go to presets tab it says "reset replichrome (all)".
  3. Hi Brian, I just got back from a work trip and followed all your steps and it totally works!!! I had all the finder preferences right just not the bottom one where you put "Mactintosh HD". I can't thank you enough for your help - I really appreciate it.
  4. Sorry, I should have included....With my older camera when I would plug the card reader in to desktop “Adobe CC photo downloader” would pop up and that was what I would use to upload my photos into my bridge files. Then once photomechic was installed it would pop up and I would ingest my files. Then I would copy those files to Bridge.
  5. Hi Brian, I just recently bought a nikon D850. The memory cards (QXD and sandisk) in this camera are different from my previous camera (nikon D810). I am unable to get my mac desktop to acknowledge my new card reader (its new to accommodate the new memory card - sony). I have read your previous posts about always using a card reader to download photos not to do directly from the camera. As of now the only work around I have found is to hook up camera the computer, use image capture, move to bridge and then into photomechanic. Totally pain and too much extra steps. My goal is to be able to use my card reader and to have photomechanic instantly start accessing the images as its downloading as in the past. I am completely stumped. Thank you for your help! Krista
  6. Sorry that was a mistype - i meant duplicate file . would you put a stop in before it, command u, change file name and then restart action?
  7. before you had gotten back to me yesterday I had already been trying to do a duplicate layer twice and then naming one ending in insta and the other FB and then running my save to fb and then saved to insta action. I just tried your suggestion of adding the duplicate layer in the action but couldn’t figure out how to add a stop in order to change the name - which was when I was changing the names by hand....what do you think?
  8. Hi I am trying to create an action where I go to File>export>legacy (which I can do) but I am stuck on how to save the images with different names when its a combo image. Combo image meaning using Morai compositor where all the combos default to the name “untitled 1". I just can’t figure it out. Any help appreciated
  9. I sell digital images to clients. The above client just happened to be making a graduation card on Minted.com. How I can I be saving smaller files with still great quality for my clients. Would I do it in bridge through the “image processor” or in photo shop?
  10. Just a follow up question - you are right 12 is ridiculous...how should i be saving these then in photoshop. I just started guessing on the pixel lengths for the above picture. Is there a a place to look for what standard sizes are for each size? I am off to bed but will check back in tomorrow morning.
  11. I figured it out. Hope your kids are doing well. Thanks for the help!
  12. I’m sure I saved it at 12 quality. I’ll go look up your 100% crop instructions now.
  13. correction to dimensions above - 4912 x 7360 - just incase you didn’t see correction above
  14. 26.4 MB - hard drive, same dimensions as above correction to dimensions above - 4912 x 7360
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