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  1. Damien, it is unbelievably kind of you to help me and to do so much for all of us, thank you so much, you're incredible I will attempt this now, I'm so grateful.
  2. omg this is sorcery!!! you are amazing ❤️
  3. Hi Damien, I have a few images where there's a bra strap showing and the bra shows through the tulle quite a bit. I didn't think it would be so hard to edit but all my attempts are not good enough. Would you be able to advise me about how to tackle it? I've attached the part of the image that's the problem, image hasn't had any editing. Classes I've purchased have been RAW, bridge & layers & masks. I can't attach the raw but I've put two crops of the area and would be really grateful for any advice thank you
  4. thank you Damien, there's a new pro model just out and one with an additional paper model, I think I'll get the medium for £380 (AUS $625) I can't wait, thanks again.
  5. is that so only the pen can activate the tablet and I can't accidentally do things with my hand? That one is a lot cheaper than I was thinking I'd have to pay which is good new, some of the medium tablets are £400+
  6. I was thinking anything around 8" upwards unless they become unaffordable, I've never used one so I wil likely become accustomed quickly to whatever size I start with - I hope!
  7. I'd just really like to buy one before I run out of funds, I'm very excited!
  8. Hi, I saw Damien's wacom advice was last updated in 2015, can anyone tell me which is the best I should be looking at now it's 2017? I really want to buy the right one and can't afford to get it wrong (£££) following the thirds rule - my screen is an LG widescreen 29" (much wider than tall) do I need any accessories with it to get the most out of it? I'd really appreciate any advice from members so I don't make a mistake and regret it, I know Damien still uses his ancient one and probably doesn't have up to date advice, thank you
  9. apologies, I didn't think to share the photo. It's actually a blooper to show three dogs that just wouldn't sit together but I want to include it and edit properly because I know they'll find it funny. I find the white in the background really distracting and I've had a similar issue before so I'd like to learn how to deal with it, thanks so much for the response, I'm reading it now.
  10. Hello, I've never removed anything from a blurred background before and it's harder than I thought, everything I have tried so far is rubbish and it would be really helpful to know for future photos which method is best here, could anyone advise me please? thank you for any help. I've attached a 100%
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