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  1. How about this?! Before & after.
  2. Oh no... I just checked the newborn's belly button that I captured a few weeks ago and they were deleted... I purged along with the other images that didn't make it as proofs... Would this 3 months old belly button work?
  3. The thing is the parents already have this image and they really want the black area to be gone and of course they want their baby's belly button... Is there anyway to fix this without replacing it?
  4. Is it possible to move her foot to cover the area?
  5. No luck here... I would actually like to learn how to retouch this without replacing with other baby's belly button... Is it possible?
  6. Hi Damien! So sorry I was gone for a while.... My kids finally started school (2 year old just started preschool) and I finally have my own time. I am happy with how my monitor calibrates and would like to move forward. Could you please let me know what's the next step? Thanks!
  7. I Will do this when I get home today, thanks! After recalibrating it, instead of adjusting the custom color (no change in RGB), I adjusted the color temperature to match the print. Do I have to recalibrate every time I manually adj my monitor 's color temp or custom color? What if I calibrate again and I still need to adjust the color template?
  8. Will do this when I get home today, thanks!
  9. Yes, very. Thank you for teaching this new skill.
  10. Ok, I figured out why the monitor color was so off! There is a button at the bottom of the monitor to choose Standard, ComfortView, Movie, Game, Color Temp., and Custom Color. I changed to Custom Color and reduced blue (out of RGB) to 96% to match with my prints. Now, the monitor colors match with my prints!
  11. Is it okay if I concentrate on the laptop first?
  12. Hi! What is the best and easy way to edit these red spots on baby's skin?
  13. As you can see in the comparison photo, Macbook Pro looks more red than the print and the Monitor looks cooler than the print.
  14. One thing i noticed too is that my Macbook Pro color changes when I connect it to the monitor. (to less red).
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