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  1. and how do you clone on the blank layer?
  2. How do you create a clone layer? I added a new layer but wasn't sure what to do after this.
  3. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!! Please teach me how!!
  4. I would like to remove the glares on the glasses. thanks.
  5. I would like to learn the method and make the subject darker. Thanks!
  6. I think I’ll convert the original image into black and white and see.
  7. I would like to learn how to achieve this look using my attached image, thank you. https://www.lsp-actions.com/collections/all/products/silhouette-noir-photoshop-action?variant=29464340660327
  8. How about this?! Before & after.
  9. Oh no... I just checked the newborn's belly button that I captured a few weeks ago and they were deleted... I purged along with the other images that didn't make it as proofs... Would this 3 months old belly button work?
  10. The thing is the parents already have this image and they really want the black area to be gone and of course they want their baby's belly button... Is there anyway to fix this without replacing it?
  11. Is it possible to move her foot to cover the area?
  12. No luck here... I would actually like to learn how to retouch this without replacing with other baby's belly button... Is it possible?
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