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  1. Hello, I've used the same method to batch for years and all of a sudden having a problem. In Bridge, I go to Tools-Photoshop-Image Processor. It used to open one file, run the action, then close it and start another image. Now, it never closes the images so I have a gazillion images open in PS and it's slowing it down immensely. Any idea what I could have done to cause this change?
  2. I've said it before and I'll say it again, you are a freakin' genius. Changed mine to Bicubic and can rotate images with no problems what-so-ever!!! Thank you so much for taking so much time to help me figure this out!
  3. Just uploaded the PSD you sent me back and don't see any of the jaggedness. Looks perfectly smooth.
  4. I have a PC desktop running Windows 10 and Photoshop CC. It is over 2 years old, and has 8GB of RAM. Its hard drive has 116GB free out of 918GB. The last time I shut down was just before posting this thread. I run a cleanup program about once a week.
  5. Yes, its happens when I do that too. Not as bad but still noticeable to my eye
  6. So weird! And I've tried so many other tools just playing around and no other problems with them, just when I try to rotate it. I also just updated PS and still had the same problem. I'll be waiting for your file to see what it looks like for me...
  7. Bummer. Those didn't work either. Thanks for your time anyways, Damien!
  8. Nope, doesn't do it then. And now I've concluded, it appears to only happen when I straighten the photo. If I turn content aware off and remove the values, still happens
  9. Sorry, I was just playing around with different things trying to figure out what was going on and forgot to screen shot my screen with the correct settings I normally always use. Better?
  10. For some reason, I'm getting jagged edges after I use the crop tool. First image is before cropping, second image is after. That's all that has been done to the image in PS. Any idea what could be causing this?
  11. I'm long overdue for a new computer and monitor. I've read over many threads in here to save the hassle of asking yet another question regarding specs but they do still confuse me a bit. and just want to be sure. Would this be a good buy? https://www.amazon.com/Dell-XPS8910-7020BLK-Desktop-Generation-GeForce/dp/B01LD5V8GK/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1480354363&sr=8-4&keywords=Dell+xps+i7 And for a new monitor, is this good? https://www.amazon.com/Dell-UltraSharp-27-Inch-LED-Lit-Monitor/dp/B00P0EQD1Q/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1480356386&sr=8-1&keywords=dell+ultrasharp+27 Thanks so much!
  12. Hey! I outsource a lot of images for editing. Often times I would like to do any composite work myself before sending out as it's easy for me and saves me money when outsourcing. However, I don't want to actually make the RAW adjustments myself. Are there any problems with me opening the RAW, not doing anything in ACR, doing the composite, saving as TIFF, and sending that file type to my editor to do the raw edits in ACR and moving on to PS?
  13. I've been trying to calibrate both my desktop and my laptop with the Spyder5Pro for about a year now with not so great success. The other day I decided to reset my desktop to factory settings and order some test prints and they came in today. My prints seem to be darker or have more contrast, I honestly don't know the difference between both, but the color seems good. The manual setting for my brightness is turned all the way down to 0 and I've gone to my manual manual (yes, two manual) color settings per Damien's settings and lowered those as well. My prints still are too dark or have too much contrast (again, I don't know the difference between those). So, I've gotten the best comparison between monitor and my lab prints WITHOUT using my calibrator. Is there a reason that I should now go and calibrate my screen with my Spyder5Pro? It won't make my screens brightness go down any more since I change those settings manually when calibrating anyways, correct?
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