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  1. Ok, that makes sense then. I will see if I can find another of his shirt from this angle. Might have to go with a different photo otherwise. Thank you!
  2. The photo is uncropped originally. That is me using the transform sides (the corners with shift held down) to transform the photo to get it to fit the 16x20 front of the canvas. The original is attached and so is a screen shot of the above.
  3. I am trying to prepare this photo for a 16x20 finished canvas. The lab requires 4.25" total additional wrap space. I am trying to follow your tutorial on preparing for canvas and have made it 20x24. I'm trying to stretch the sides (3 out of the 4) but it only allows me to rastersize one side. Am I doing something wrong? I can transform the image more to make the left side meet the edge but I need to stretch the other two sides still. If it won't work, I can pick a different photo.
  4. Ok, that's what I thought. Thank you!
  5. Ok, I need help trying to remove this glare if possible. I don't have any photos from this same angle without his glasses or even one with his glasses. Is it possible to lessen the glare on the his left side? I'm including the before lightening of lenses and after.
  6. This is the original. I think her eyes are naturally that wide.
  7. I actually went back and tried an eye swap with this one. I had him take a few pictures without his glasses on too. Is this better than the one above?
  8. I did an eye swap on the girl in the back right. Does it look ok? I used your method of the marquee tool and turned to a smart object and masked it in.
  9. I am trying to lighten his glasses and this is what I've come up with so far. I have the channels set at: RGB 0/1.26/181, Red 0/1.00/220, Green 0/1.00/227 and Blue 0/1.00/248. Now, I also have another layer to lighten the bags under his eyes a little. Does it look ok or is there a better way of doing it?
  10. Yes, see the highlighted photo in the first screenshot. It shows an extension of .jpg, as well as the one before it and after. Yes, it opens in photo viewer just fine, opens in PS just fine and I'm attaching a screenshot to show all copies of this photo saved on my hard drive to show they are saved as jpg.
  11. I am trying to create an order in Bay Photo (Roes) and it is saved as a jpg, in sRGB and it is telling me only jpeg or TIFF can be used. Both of the photos that you can see in the screenshot that are sized give this error but any of the other jpegs that I saved at the same time do not give that error. I double checked in camera raw, the profile is sRGB and attached is a screenshot of the color settings. Am I missing something? As a side note, I can place them on the appropriate size template in Roes for MPixPro with no problem. Thanks
  12. Ok, thanks for looking at it :).
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