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  1. haha thats what my husband says... until it comes to the crunch ? Thanks Brain!!
  2. Awesome thanks! I'm not sure I could go back to a 21" but I did dismiss the pro when I looked at the price ha! It looks like the 4.2GHz isn't available here (in Australia) only upgradable from 3.8 to 4.2... I wonder if a new machine is coming here soon? The SSD, is that more reliable than the fusion drive? and is the G-Drive where you keep all your files? I have 3tb now and by keeping on top of my archiving I can keep it at about 50% so going down scares me! Getting the RAM and HD first is a good idea... and I can wait for some improvement in the Aussie dollar!
  3. Hi Brian! I'm back to looking for a new Desktop... well getting a price so I can budget for it as my 2013 machine is starting to get a little glitchy. It looks as though things have changed a little in the upgrade options so I was wondering what you recommend today? Thanks!
  4. Hi Brian, I need to backup an eternal hard drive but thought I'd better ask first if there is a "safest" way of doing it? I'm worried simply copying and pasting might hurt the existing one! thanks!
  5. well that was an easy fix!! Thank you!! And in just as good news I have enough posts now to join the skin class!!
  6. yep even old sets, I just went into an old gallery and the same happened.
  7. Really? Even when I open the images on here that I posted above and flick between the two I can see the difference in the backdrop brightness. It's the photo as a whole not just the zoomed in window, it's just that thats when it happens, even if I move on to another image and come back it remains that way. Sorry I hope thats making sense!
  8. No, it's using the navigating strip at the bottom to flick through and clicking on the image with the magnifying glass
  9. This is something thats been happening for a little while and bugs me a bit... When viewing my raws in bridge if I zoom in to check focus the preview of the image is being auto brightness adjusted, it's not the actual file but it is annoying me when I'm culling. Is there something I've accidentally turned on in the settings? Thanks!
  10. Awesome, thank you! I do still need a second as I'm working in two locations. Thats really helpful, thank you! Edit: oh interesting, the Fusion drive you used to not recommend right? not that I even know what the difference is but that was one thing I *think* i recalled from last time haha!
  11. Hi! Just wondering how often you should replace a calibrator? Is it just if it doesn't work anymore or does the reliability of it drop? Thanks!
  12. It was so helpful for me... someone that doesn't know the technicalities and didn't want to get talked into stuff I didn't need in store My current (working) iMac is now going to become our invoicing/office machine with some editing, so I'm going to be getting a new one for main editing because they need to be one at home & off site at the studio. So what I have at the moment is: 27" Late 2013 Processor 3.5 GHz Intel Core i7 Memory 32 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M 4096 MB 3TB SATA Disk 1600 MHz DDR3 memory module with 32gb installed (I installed the extra as per your old what to buy list) This one has actually has a bit of a problem with crashing occasionally and I did wonder if it was caused by the memory, simply because it was the only thing I did myself ha!
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