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  1. I'm shooting for next month. Thanks!
  2. Sorry, don't know how I posted 2 diff. pics. Heres the SOOR of the bottom. Just waiting on funds and that last class is in the bag!! Can't wait
  3. Hi there!! Im trying to make the mountains more contrasty, bIt then I they look horrible. Any advice? Thanks
  4. Actually I see why, but I was trying to get in the deluxe class.
  5. Got it!! Ill go back and fix it. I always struggle with shadows. Off topic. I got an email from you about the raw class, I paid and you refunded me but I don't know why.
  6. Well I don't hate it, but I feel it could be better.
  7. Well I thought I posted another suitable donor image but I don't see it on here.. What about this one?
  8. I have uploaded the 1st picture because I forgot I did work to the hair, here it is SOOR.
  9. Ahhhhhh, I see. This one is blurry. I will look for a better replacement. Thank you.
  10. Hi there, wondering if you could help persevere the hair and extend the white backdrop? Thanks!!! I can quite get it right.
  11. Hi! So glad you did this. Fb was such a distraction for me I had to make another one just for my photo related pages!! Looking forward to more of your amazing advice!! Thanks!!
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