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  1. haha! be careful what you wish for...I have a WHOLE folder I will unleash on you, just dotting i's, crossing t's!
  2. Is there any way (setting, plugin etc) that you know of to allow viewing of the histogram in Bridge, prior to opening in ACR? Google has not come up with the goods.
  3. I have signed up for RAW class again, will calibrate every time until i start getting it right, and booked in for an eye test as I have 3 colour blind (blue/purple) kids and didn't realise I could be too... Can we come back to this when I get all that right? Thanks for your patience/persistence!
  4. I followed the flow chart faithfully . Back to the drawing board. Thank you anyway for your time, I appreciate it.
  5. Let's go with this one. Clearly there is a lot to be done better with the actual photography next time, hope the RAW processing is ok, I'm outta practice!
  6. Post as JPEG or PSD? (I’m out and about, will need an hour or so)
  7. I most certainly did; I had no other option at the time but fortunately I can redo them. Figuring this edit out is just for practice and learning really, and in case i bugger it up in a similar way next time!
  8. I want to do a series of portraits of my family and friends (for our walls) using something like the setup in pic; I want to change the background - predominantly the colour but also preserving or mimicking the variation in light to give depth. I have one person with almost white hair, a couple of dirty blondes and some almost black hair - I can use an off white/creamy coloured wall, otherwise a white sheet, or this hideous green monster! I am still deciding between all white backgrounds (my preference) or coloured (different colour for each person, everyone else's! - see palette attached :-*)
  9. This one might be better - less noise, better focus - again just practicing/learning so don't worry if too time consuming!
  10. I am struggling to even mask the legs as the reflection is so strong its hard to see where the legs end! That said, I am just practicing with lights and editing and there is clearly all kinds of wrong going on here so if it isn't worth your time don't worry - I will redo on a different background (on this day it was the green or a dirty garage roll-a-door :-0
  11. Following this tutorial, any advice as to how you might remove a colour cast/reflection off stainless steel?
  12. ohh man, what did I forget?? Signed up again
  13. Can I please have some help as to the best way to even out the light/colour on the boys face? He was in complete shade and tree moved at exactly the wrong moment. SOOC and SOOR attached. Am in Levels Deluxe as well but haven't managed a good result as yet..... Thanks.
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