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  1. A client would like to print one of my images on to a 3m x 5m banner. The dimensions of the image are 5184 x 3456 so I believe it's big enough. Is that correct? I've read through as many posts as I can find on here but want to make doubly sure I've got it right. Many thanks!
  2. Perfect - thank you so much. I've since gone on to do my wedding invites using the same method
  3. Thank you - I'll start again and do it properly The corner markers were only there for my own information to remind me about the 3mm bleed. They are coming out before the finish.
  4. I'm currently designing some business cards in PSE18. How do I align the text so that each line is centred? When I click on the move tool I can see the align option but it appears to be switched off. If I use the Text option I can see the "align right, centre" and left icons and although it moves the text, it's far from accurate!?
  5. I think what I'm not used to is the lack of noise from my new camera! I did as you suggested and compared old and new files and it's definitely the case that the newer files need less adjustment. I also reminded myself that the lack of noise when shooting in poor light is exactly why I purchased the Mk II. Thank you!
  6. Before, I only had two sliders - Luminance and Colour. Now, on this newer version, there are five and they don't appear to be anywhere near as effective as before which is why I thought I might need to revisit the class 😊
  7. Sorry, that would be helpful!! I'm away from my PC now for 24 hours but I'll post when I get back. Thanks.
  8. I have just upgraded to PSE 2018 and ACR 9.12 as my old version was not compatible with my new Canon 7D MKII. A few things have changed including the noise reduction sliders and I can't seem to work them out or get them to perform in quite the same way as before! Do I need to take the RAW class again to learn what I need to do now with this version?
  9. OK - no worries. Thanks for getting back to me.
  10. Every time I crop to 11x15 I have to manually enter the sizing. Is there a way to add it to the crop ratios already in the drop down menu choices so that I don't have to do this for every image? I'm using PSE 10. Thanks.