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  1. Thank you Damien. As soon as the UK labs are open I'll try a new one.
  2. Definitely the same paper. I can't help thinking it's something I've done either in the setting up of the Mac or Photoshop as I had a canvas come back from a completely different supplier that was a bit desaturated. Do you think I should reset everything and start again?
  3. This is how it was before I changed it as per your instructions.
  4. I'm using the same lab. Pretty sure it's something I've done as a canvas from a different printer also came back looking a bit desaturated. Just checked the colour settings and it was set to 'untitled'. I have now changed it to North America General Purpose 2'
  5. The other change, (not sure if this is of relevance) is that I have gone from using PSE to Photoshop 2021.
  6. They do match. Possibly the prints are fractionally darker bit it is minuscule. The colours all look fine.
  7. Thanks - wasn't expecting a reply on Christmas Eve! This problem has started since I switched from a Dell PC to a Mac.
  8. Please help! My prints look desaturated and have a slight sludgy look to them. I have calibrated several times, following your instructions, using SpyderX Elite. I have obtained the soft proofing profile from my lab and the only thing that does make a difference is if I tick the "simulate paper colour" when looking in Proof Setup. This does show me a slightly desaturated image. I have tried redoing everything from the start but clearly I have made an error somewhere, but I can't find out what or where.
  9. Brian I will definitely take your advice on board and I agree, not something I want to skimp on! I do have backup in place with a HD but what you say about the quality and speed makes a lot of sense so I’ll be purchasing forthwith! Thank you.
  10. Oh thank you!! Can't tell you how relieved I am that it's such a simple thing. Right, I'm off to read your recommendations for an EHD now. Thank you Brian
  11. I have just moved from a PC to a Mac. I tried to save an image today on to the external hard drive containing all my images from the PC but it comes up with this error message : Could not save as “Bella New.psd” because write access was not granted. What am I doing wrong??
  12. A client would like to print one of my images on to a 3m x 5m banner. The dimensions of the image are 5184 x 3456 so I believe it's big enough. Is that correct? I've read through as many posts as I can find on here but want to make doubly sure I've got it right. Many thanks!
  13. Perfect - thank you so much. I've since gone on to do my wedding invites using the same method
  14. Thank you - I'll start again and do it properly The corner markers were only there for my own information to remind me about the 3mm bleed. They are coming out before the finish.
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