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  1. Oh boy - I was afraid of that. Thanks much and have a great day
  2. Hi Damien - Could you please help with the stray hair coming across her chest? What's troubling me the most is where it crosses over the hair.
  3. Wow! Thats amazing!! How did I do?
  4. Hi Damien - could you please guide me in removing the wristband. I did ask the client to remove it during the session. They insisted it wasn't a big deal, until now . I tried cloning from the hand but it looked terrible. Thank You!
  5. Hi Damien. I would like to thank you for freely sharing your knowledge and for all of the help you have given me in the past. I have never used forums so this will be something new for me. I am currently enrolled in 3 of your classes and can't wait for more. You have taught me so much and my workflow has improved immensely. THANK YOU!
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