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  1. After I entered it in the Fair, I had it printed on acrylic and entered it in a gallery show at a local winery. It sold for $89! 🙂 Thanks, Damien!
  2. I'll try. This smoldering cancer really saps my energy. Since this is one of my pleasures, it's hard to justify neglecting my work before spending time here.
  3. Thank you, Damien, it's been printed and entered in the Fair. I couldn't have done it without your help!
  4. Ah. Never used high pass before. Good to know.
  5. Does the highpass filter add noise? Or did I do something wrong?
  6. After hours and hours of trying, this is as close as I have gotten. The Snapseed one has much more clarity in the clouds. Also, I can't seem to choose the correct colors for the low opacity painting. I'm feeling pretty discouraged.
  7. Yes, I have figured that part out. I am just now struggling with getting the color I want.
  8. Okay, will do. I think the color from Snapseed is from things like split toning and contrast and saturation. So difficult to imitate! I don't have experience with split toning or changing colors. Here's what I have so far. I seem to have lost the sunset color, and don't know how to get the magic of the purples and greens. Do you have any advice?
  9. Yes, that's what Snapseed did. So I guess I have to use the original to try to get the same result with Photoshop, the color and the drama of the Snapseed one. However, even the original seems noisy to me, so I want your opinion on the noise before going on the color. And if I do need to deal with the noise, since it's a jpeg, how do I remove the noise? Is there a way to open it in Camera Raw? (I have tried to open it in camera raw, without success.) If I don't need to deal with the noise first, then I need your advice on achieving that indigo blue and the light pink. Thanks, Damien!
  10. Yes, but when I change the resolution from 72, bad things happen., Here is a sample of the noise in the original after I used bicubic smooth, 240 resolution. Isn't it too noisy? Of course, I will crop out the engine when I make it square. I have tried to open it in Camera Raw as a jpeg, but have not succeeded. 1. Do you think the noise is okay? 2. If not, how should I proceed to get rid of it? Darn jpg, anyway! The Snapseed one is chunky after resampling. Can't keep my eyes open tonight. I'll check back in the morning. Thanks!
  11. So, now what? I've had very poor results trying to resize.
  12. Hi, Damien, I got a great shot with my cell phone, and I sure do wish it were in RAW, and had all the advantages and flexibility. But, I entered it in our County Fair, as a digital, and now the Fair committee has chosen it as one they would like to judge as a print. On my cell phone I had processed it with the Snapseed app, and that's the version I entered in the Fair. When I tried to resize it in Photoshop for print, it said it was about 41" x 41". What?? That was at 72 screen res. When I tried to reduce the size and increase the resolution, it went all chunky and pixelated. So I then tried several variations for resizing, but nothing looks good! Of course, it's noisy, too. (Do clouds always look noisy?) I need to make a print to mount on a 16" by 20" background. I am thinking about 12" square. I will post the original and the Snapseed version, I love the colors I got in Snapseed. So, I would like to either enlarge the Snapseed one, or reduce and recolor the original. Can't figure it out. Thanks, Lynn
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