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  1. Hello, I have just updated ACR to 11.1 and cannot find the 'Auto', 'Level', 'Vertical' and 'Full' options which used to sit under the 'Manual' tab. Under the 'Manual' tab I have 'distortion', 'defying' and 'vignetting' options only. Is this still a function in ACR? Am I just looking in the wrong place? Please help! With thanks.
  2. Thank you! Client has opted to leave the project for now. He will take a new (non-live) pic on his next trip for a higher quality file. He wants it to be big! Thanks for your assistance. I hope to revisit this again in the coming months.
  3. Thanks. I have never had to go down this road before. Flatten, crop (WxHxRatio) then apply my print sharpening prefs. Here's a 700x700crop preview at an 8x10inch size. I don't feel comfortable pushing much beyond this. What do you think?
  4. Thanks. How do I go about changing 72dpi to 300dpi? I assume there's right and wrong ways!
  5. Thanks. It looked so good on his phone that I was thinking an acrylic mount would be amazing with increased saturation. Will this be an option?
  6. Print needed of this image: 52cm x 40cm. It was captured on a mobile phone in 'live' view. (Not my pic). Image size in PS: 45cm x 33cm 72dpi. Is there any way to get a great quality large print from this or will a smaller size be required? Or bin it? With thanks.
  7. Is there any way to make this automatic?
  8. Sarah_


    I think we mean the same thing? Complete all edits, then do the smart layer, then output?
  9. Sarah_


    Is this what you mean? After remaining edits, just flatten and output?
  10. Sarah_


    A little colourful moire in the middle of his tummy area and definitely gets worse as it's reduced in size. Channel mixer followed by a smart object layer?
  11. Sarah_


    Thanks. So for this one do you recommend the smart filter layer only? (No blurring?)
  12. Does that mean going over every line - individually dodging / burning to blend?
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