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  1. Hi Brian, Merry Christmas to you. Which of these are good for storage please? or would you recommend something else?
  2. Right mouse click on each and click ‘remove’
  3. Hi Brian, do you know how to get rid of/disable this nuisance pop up please?
  4. When card or camera (D750) is connected it's not launching Photo Downloader. It's opening Mac Photos instead What settings have changed this behaviour?
  5. Ok so i've followed the trouble shooter. Checked camera settings. Have taken some test shots and opened in Bridge first which is showing AdobeRGB (1998) 8 bit at bottom? Which continues into photoshop? (Bridge settings below)
  6. I also checked preferences in bridge and get this:(is this correct?)
  7. Ok (i'm back) Yes i went through the troubleshooter again but the last reminder re: 'ICC Profile' must be checked - I am not getting this when saving?
  8. Tested - both files now open with color settings 'North America General Purpose 2' and the Alert is no longer popping up!
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