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  1. Thanks! I will holler if I need more help! Thanks for the help!
  2. My screen seems so dark but I will give it a day or 2 like you mentioned in that link and may get use to it.
  3. Alright well I took them to 25 and then down to 0. I feel it is better. I might print a few more as I only have 2 and see how those look. It felt wrong to take those down to 0.
  4. That is quite helpful. I couldn't believe how bright these things were. I calibrated with the room lights on. My RGB settings were at 50, I didn't mess with those. Should I take them lower?
  5. Hi Damien! So I just switched to a new print lab. It is a local lab at a camera store. I went and picked up some prints from them today and decided I was way over do to re-calibrate. So I went through your instructions. My on screen display options were warm, medium, cool and a custom option. The custom option gave me the closest match to 6500 K so I went with that. Well once I finished the process, I compared my prints and they were darker/duller then the screen. It wasn't I guess a drastic difference but enough that I noticed. So I continued to read on and noticed you said to go for a lower white luminance target. So I tried 90, still wasn't quite there matching the print, well I thought I would try 80. I measured 87 (as I couldn't go any lower my brightness was at 0) and I achieved 81. I still feel that my prints are darker/duller but I am unsure where to go from here. My achieved white point was at 6663 K Thanks, Mary
  6. Sorry I was just excited since I think I figured it out! I am super excited for RAW class!
  7. Okay so I did some googling and found some info on red channel clipping. I found that there is a small triangle in the top right hand corner of the histogram in ACR. If there is red channel clipping then the triangle will appear red. I can also hit O and it will show in the photo where that clipping is at. It said to drag the highlights down until that triangle turned black. I am at -73 and the triangle turned black and I see no more red from when I hit the O key. Did I figured it out? Or am I at least getting warmer?
  8. I totally understand. I am anxiously waiting for the RAW class. I signed up like back in November I think, so I hope my turn is coming soon. I hate playing the guessing game when it comes to my RAW files. I mentioned to the mom of the girl that I was attempting to fix the drool and she was totally fine with it so if later on down the line I am able to fix it great! I'm sure it will come in handy for future shoots with little ones. I will keep trying playing with the red channel thing. Thanks for your help! You at least have me on the right track!
  9. Okay so I have no idea if I did this correctly. It is showing a zero value for red in the info palette. I removed the red in the channel mixer. Did I mention I need to take your classes......I feel like a clueless dork! I sent the file back to via uplink
  10. No not really. There are a number of shots from the shoot where you can't really see the drool. The parents were very understanding and laughing at the fact she was a drool machine so on a few of the close ups and individuals of her, the flowers could be gone.
  11. Hey Damien, So I have an entire session of photos where this little one drooled all over her shirt. I searched drool on here and found a post regarding similar situation. I hate to admit but I'm not sure how to do what was discussed. I downloaded the file you had provided and even copied the layer over onto my file, started to mask out the area and it was looking better but it just didn't blend well and was just blah! Again admitting I am not very knowledgeable with masking (yes it is time to take your layers/mask class rather then guessing on what I am doing.) Anywho, any tips? Thanks a bunch! PS ignore the legs in the background, I will deal with that later. I have another image I can use where the legs were not there but the girl wasn't looking at me. Mary
  12. Holy cow! You are good!!! Thank you so much, Brian!!!! May have to hunt one down.
  13. So I know this is probably a long shot and I hope it is okay to ask/post this here. I just found an OLD photo of my father from back in the mid to late 50's. He was a camera guy and he has one around his neck in this photo. I'm curious if there are any vintage camera guru's in here who could even remotely identify what it might be. It is obviously very small in the photo but figured I'd give it a shot! I was so excited to find this photo and it was in pretty good condition considering how old it is! Thanks everyone!!!
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