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  1. i niether bright or intelligent . last one i promise https://www.jbhifi.com.au/computers-tablets/monitors/lg/lg-27ml600m-27-ips-full-hd-75hz-gaming-monitor/382177/ my only issue is i cant tell if its a matt or Gloss i appreciate your time
  2. I have had a look at Damien's recommendations , but not had any luck in finding anything from there in 24 inch range https://www.benq.com/en-au/monitor/stylish/gw2480/specifications.html i have had a look at this one , thoughts ? whats eye care ? thank you
  3. WxHxResolution option (I think that's what it's called for your version). yes that worked , while i did type in px in both boxes it like in one box ?
  4. ok then. your a smart cookie then thanks
  5. how do i tell which unit of mesurement im in ? I hopping this is cropped 1200 x 1920 px
  6. Ok , thats two things i have learned this week thank you .
  7. I know its been asked a thousand times . I have just joined the local camera club and would like to submit a pic . The requirements is that you crop to 1920 pixels x 1080 pixels file size not larger than 2 mb . Surly resizing is a more preferred option ? thank you
  8. Hi Have you purchased a monitor in the last month or so ? What did u get and where did u get it . Im after a min 24 inch , $300 ish . Im in Sydney . I have looked at Damien's write ups . thank u
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