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  1. Is this a good card reader? https://www.amazon.com/Reader-Lightning-Camera-Connection-Adapter/dp/B077XS3S3W/ref=sr_1_14?ie=UTF8&qid=1524767003&sr=8-14&keywords=card+reader+for+camera+memory+card
  2. Hi Brian. Thanks. Yikes, I have already used the cards interchangeably. (Without formatting them) I was just fooling around with each camera, as I really haven't gotten to know them yet. I need to make a copy of the fuji manual as I bought it used, and it didn't come with one. I have the Fuji xt1. I don't have a card reader. Is there one that you could recommend? After I get it, is it ok to insert cards from any camera in it? I mean, the card reader will recognize each camera, correct. Right now, I have been uploading through the slots on my computer. When you say get a new card for my fuji and get a larger one, what do you mean? As far as I can see, it takes the same card as the nikon d750. I still have my nikon d700, which does take the larger card..
  3. I figured it out!! I did a search on you tube! I will start opening them and then viewing in bridge. Thanks so much!
  4. So, what is happening to me is that I am not getting that Auto Play window to pop up. To be honest, I don't even know how to find it? I have looked and can't seem to find where it would be. That is one of the reasons I use bridge to upload images. Can you tell me how I can get that to start displaying again? Thanks.
  5. Ok. Thanks. I have always used bridge for the past 9 years at least to upload. I had no idea it wasn't a good thing. It is just how I learned.
  6. Ok, that explains that. I didn't get a manual with it. I need to get one downloaded. So, now a weird thing...that card that said something might be wrong with it (forgot the words) now, I can insert it into both cameras, but now my computer is not reading it. I have a question...My nikon d750 had 2 slots for cards, but the fuji only 1. Can I use both cards interchangeably? Hm...I didn't know that uploading through bridge was a bad thing??
  7. I didn't see that I had a reply. Normally I get an email. So, the very first time something opened up on my computer, next time no. But, it didn't give me an option where to upload. Then I tried through bridge, and I got a message that said "no device found." I thought I would try again just now. It finally recognized it, but through dropbox. Then I went and tried one more time with bridge, and it recognized it. The trouble is that they downloaded as jpegs and a file called raf? I have never heard of an raf file? Could that be associated with a fuji camera. I do not think I would have shot these in jpeg?? But, most of them were shot several months ago. Now, when I tried to insert one of the cards into my fuji camera, it said card may not be good???
  8. I currently use a Nikon d700 and have had no problems uploading images to bridge. I bought a Nikon d750 and a Fuji xt1 and am currently trying to learn how to use them. One problem I encountered this weekend is uploading my sd card to my computer. I was not able to upload images through bridge as I normally do. All it says is "no device found." I tried by inserting card directly into my computer, and then I tried by way of camera upload with the d750. I have Windows 10. I did try googling to figure it out. I was wondering if you could help me in a less complicated way than I have found by googling it.
  9. Oh the reason I changed it, I found it had been changed somehow to rgb.
  10. Ok. For some reason I thought I had used 16 bit before. But, changed it the other day. When you say almost, when wouldn't it be good?
  11. I was able to open them! Yay! Now lastly, is this supposed to be 16 bit?
  12. Thank you so much! I appreciate your help so much!!
  13. Sorry for so many questions. I am tech challenged. ? Can you tell me why ps is showing "open?" I've already opened it. Also, is there anything I should do with this prompt? Will my presets transfer over? Or I'm thinking they are in camera raw? Probably not the smartest question. I thought I hit send on that question.?
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