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  1. It's really been a heck of a week. I went back and re-read the perspectives order of layers sheet. I'm good. DUH, Robbie Duh. Move along nothin' to see here. *whistling casually as I back away in shame. *
  2. How do I get to the next layer with all of the perspective and composite layers? Having a big duh moment here.
  3. I was reading the Skin Class and OMG saw the Perspective, I never knew about that bad boy before. Well, it encouraged me to do a composite (I've only done one maybe 2 ever.) and now that I have the areas with the proper perspective and the I'm ready to move on to the next phase of liquify and cloning steps. BUT I have no idea how to get the next whole layer of the image at what I have now. I'm super excited, my hubs saw what I've done so far and was super excited as he is already talking that we need to buy my daughter and her husband a 36" metal print of this to hang in their home. (it's not remotely done yet and he's got this vision already) I loaded a 2048 size in here the other one was super duper big. Thanks so much. Also providing a screen shot of my layers and whatnot. Oh and that is as much of the Right side as I have and the left as well.
  4. Thanks so much. I reached out to their tech support and apparently, I didn't register online but I did purchase the 3 devices (that's the most I would ever have in our home) and can use it on the laptop as well. I will delete that killer control center business and get that off for sure. Also will uninstall Chrome and reboot, then reinstall. I only have 1 browser open but it keeps showing multiple still open. I appreciate your help. Have an amazing day.
  5. I have noticed that on my smokin' hot super fast Dell computer you helped me build, suddenly things are taking forever to upload. I have webroot and just ran the scan, no problems found. BUT, I now am seeing Killer Control Center in my open tasks. Also, it is showing 12 Google Chrome open while I only have 1 Chrome open with only 4 tabs opened. My question is do I need to have this silly Killer Control Center that windows 10 thinks that I now need? How do I get rid of all of the extra chrome tabs that are showing when I can't see them to close them out? I have recently cleared cache & cookies on Chrome and it doesn't seem to do much of anything. I'm including several screen shots of what I have going on here and I really would like to know if there are things that I can do to prevent so many Chrome windows from being opened and apparently difficult to find to close out. Also, do you know how I can use my Webroot on my laptop as well as on my desktop? I'd love to have it on both devices. Thanks in advance for any assistance.
  6. OMG!!! I just had to share...my computer has already shipped!!! It wasn't supposed to arrive until 20 January. Tomorrow is my birthday, so I guess happy birthday to me, it will be here the day after. So glad I had you walk me through this adventure. I know what I'll be doing, uninstalling that stupid McAffee that they force you to buy.
  7. Thanks so much for your help. It's great to have a resource as wonderful as you available.
  8. I just wanted to say thanks again. I pulled the trigger on getting this one and just on a random chance logged into my work (eBay) discounts page and there was a link. I was able to get it for $1460 instead of the 1820- the exact thing. Made me feel pretty good. I'll keep in mind the suggestions to get rid of that crummy McAffee crap and get the other protector. Should be here about 21 January.
  9. I need to know how to reset my Bridge. Danged it. Something happened and suddenly, none of my settings are as they should be. It's showing everything, my Spyder Chrome and all of my icons but not any of my folders or the names for the folders. I use c6 so no updates happening just strange very strange. I'm sure it's operator error
  10. Thanks so much for all the help. I didn't even click on the options when I bought my custom hp pavillion I just had my ex take care of it since he was a vp at hp. I got his discount so saved a ton.
  11. oh the J5 is an adapter I have and am using it with my work laptop to be able to connect 2 hdmi monitors to the one video card Also, Dell chat can't configure this particular computer, something about their limitations for being the business site. I wonder if I chat back in and chose the home option instead of business if the agent will be able to configure the one that we want? I'm cool buying whatever I need to buy to have a decent one for a long time. I know their job is to sell me on what they can configure not what you've already done for me. The struggle is REAL. I'll chat back in after a bit. He tried to tell me that the only option the business site is "However We have the XPS 8940 Desktop on Dell Business Web site it comes with Windows 10 Pro OS and comes only with CD/DVD drive only" I've asked multiple times if the cd/dvd drive is only a reader or writer and he's ignored me so he has lost this sale even if it was what I wanted.
  12. Are the display port hdmi adapters the J5 adapter thing? I have one of those on my work laptop and am now running multiple HDMI displays. Ok, I'm not a serious power user I only edit photos and rarely check emails from my pc Also working from home we are in the dreaded Citrix environment which of course is oh so stable and functional.
  13. I won't be using this computer to work from home. I have one that they provided me. I want to keep anything work related off of my personal computer.
  14. HDMI and I purchased the Dell 27" se2717Hc I believe are their model numbers. I am using one on my work computer now and one with my laptop but would like to have dual screens ultimately
  15. Yeah this isn't bad at all. I'm good spending decent money on things to get a stable environment. I've been wanting a desktop to edit on but didn't have the space to put one before and now I do have a home office and can keep that light constant (thanks to Damien my editing life has improved dramatically). I just found out my employer is giving us a $1200 bonus check at the end of this week to help with making our workstations more comfortable while working from home. I am going to use that and a bit of what I have set aside for this purchase to just pull the trigger. I did pick up those wonderful 27" screens that you suggested on here and LOVE them. That's the other thing I'll be able to run 2 monitors off of this new upgraded video card right?
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