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  1. Got my monitor calibrated and giving the RAW class a review. I'm just wondering if trying the 2012 sliders might help me even more with my raw processing or should I continue to use the 2010? Does it make a difference? I'm running CS6
  2. So I went to download the updated drivers and that is no longer an option. I'm less than thrilled it doesn't appear to work on Windows 10. Are there any work arounds or do I need to break the bank at this time and buy * cough * cough (not sick just hating to spend money at this time) a new one? The Spyder 5? I have an HP laptop which is approximately 6 years old and still going strong.
  3. I can't remember where to find HOW to do that, like each step to get the screen shot and I know the 100% one, but how to add the screenshot of the ACR post into ps?
  4. I'm trying to use the dodge/burn technique with the soft light. My question though is it seems like it is changing the color of the image to a horrible orange. Maybe I'm just not finishing the whole technique or doing it wrong. This is the SOOR image. The stupid flash did not fire and I have these harsh horrible shadows on this otherwise ok photo of the bride and her sisters. Help.
  5. Christina, the problem is that when I was given the logo/watermark I was given the psd file but there are no layers on it. Damien, If it has the checkerboard squares on it, yes it does. Now, I have people telling me that not only is it a crappy dated graphic that it will be "horrible to try to use because the graphics are "open ended" so it will be hard for commercial printing" I'm just about ready to scream! Maybe I do need a different more run of the mill graphic?
  6. Ok, So I made the logo the way that I want it now. I saved it as a PSD. Now I have no idea how to get this onto my photos. What am I missing here? Also would I be able to save this puppy as a vector so that I'll be able to use it in marketing materials and whatnot? I really appreciate your patience. For some reason I'm just really blown away at how I just am not grasping the watermark concept. I've put off editing a silly wedding because of this for goodness sake. Ok, no I put it off because I'll find virtually anything aside from editing to do...oh the windows need cleaning outside, I'm in a cast still....sure, I'll go out and do it! Then again, I know that I've learned tons of information from your classes so I'll keep coming back!!! Time to hit the sack for the night.
  7. I do want to use the colored one but I don't know how to get the color with my new font.
  8. I've tried making a watermark using your course. Dang it all if I just can't understand how to get my custom shape (which I have saved as PNG) to be able to add that to my lettering. Is there a way that I can add my own custom shape which I currently have on my log to the new one. That is what I was given when I asked someone to make it for me. I love the swirls, I've changed the font because it looks like that overdone script that is out everywhere in crafty projects. I just deleted the script (no idea how to get different colors but I just want to be able to add it to what I have currently. The last one is what I have right now. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  9. Yes I am using the saving action. I have struggled with trying to set up a watermark but I will revisit that again tonight as I won't edit anything until I hear back from Zenfolio. I wanted it to be my logo but the guy who did my logo didn't send me the png or psd files, just a jpeg and no vector. I love the way it looks and want to duplicate it myself so that I can resize it for hats, shirts, marketing materials and whatnot. Ok, Won't mess with dpi as it's not relevant. It's coming back to me. Will only make one file now. Great. I love how batching can completely help!
  10. Ok, Question #4 While trying to restate the question I think I have it down pat now! I don't worry about the size of jpegs because it won't matter because we won't be printing from the jpegs only from the psd files. Ah hah, it just got brighter in here as I finally realized that I'm trying to make this so much more difficult than it needs to be. Question #5 Just wondering if I should be saving 2 different files of jpegs to display or only the one for the viewing and then later batch process for the 2048px 72 res for FB down the line. Question #1 The only info I could find on Zenfolio was for the "about photo" section and that shows that I need a vertical 350x467 px image. I've emailed them to find out if there are other specifications. I'm thinking it would be best to use my site instead of dropbox that way they can view it with others and it is generating traffic to the site. I rarely shoot weddings and normally just do in person sales for the viewing of 25-30 images. I feel a wedding is a bit much to sit though. Heck I did it as a favor rather than as a client because I really hate shooting weddings. Wait, I hate editing after weddings. Thanks for your help.
  11. I am having a huge brain glitch and have totally forgotten how I should be saving jpeg files to have a wedding client view. I don't have a projector. I will be showing them to her via an online gallery as a wedding is just too much to view in person. Currently, I have been saving them (only about 10 so far so no big deal) as I have in the past for FB the long side 2048px and 72resolution. Question#1: What size should I be saving the jpegs to for them to view? I'm going to go through my zenfolio website without the ordering option turned on. Question #2: Should I be watermarking these images to prevent screen shots? Question #3: Should I share them via dropbox instead of Zenfolio? Question #4: Does it matter if we are doing wall art or an album as to how I am saving the jpegs? Question #5: Should I be saving watermarked social media (which I will provide them) at the same time I'm saving the images for them to view? Thanks so much for your help. I have looked on this site and haven't found the answer. I've tried Uncle Google (love HIM!) but he too, has not shown me the way.
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