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  1. I saved a copy of it with the width as 1920 and the quality at 7. I then opened (in PS) Image, Image Size and saw that it's still 7M. Should I be looking elsewhere? (Also should have added when I saved the copy, I saved it as a jpeg.)
  2. I've saved it as a jpg, quality at 7, Baseline ("Standard") is selected. File is still too big; 1920 x 1278 px, 7M. Got it to cut down in half. Am I SOL here or can I get it smaller?
  3. Hi, I'm entering a photo contest, first time for this particular contest. They require submitted photo is jpeg, long edge is 1920px and a maximum size of 2mb. My image size is: 69.0M, 4256 x 2832 px, 240 res. In an attempt to decrease the size, I went to photoshop Image, Image size and typed in 1920 for width (length is given to me as I have the locked feature on). This takes the size of the file down to 14.0M, 1920 x 1278 px and res stays at 240. Still too big to submit. I tried changing the resolution to 72, the file size is now 1.26M but the width is 576 x 383. I've actually tried lots of numbers to see how close to 2M I can make it while keeping the width as long as possible, but I feel lost/angry/confused at how this all works because I'm not getting it where it needs to be. Is there a way in PS to resize my image to make it meet the submission requirements? Do I need to find a software that will do this for me? Any help or insight would be much appreciated as this is an image I am very proud of.
  4. I calibrated again, and it's a dang good match! Thank you for all of your help, sure appreciate it.
  5. I compared the monitor to the print this morning in my good/normal light. Didn't match up just right, so I opened my display preferences and decreased the brightness a little manually, and now my monitor and print match. I am happy to see them match! Because I manually decreased the brightness once to get them to match (the colors & temperature of both the monitor and prints), do I need to recalibrate again (using your troubleshooting method) and play with the brightness during calibration, or should I leave it alone as it now is and remember to decrease the brightness next month when I recalibrate?
  6. Thank you. I've calibrated using the troubleshooting guidelines, and the monitor definitely looks warmer already. I will compare the print tomorrow in the morning and report back.
  7. Yes sir, same light, no glare, (no bright backlighting either), but the print is warmer than the monitor.
  8. I did more digging on here and found a suggestion to try "the next lower kelvin value and follow the instructions for recalibrating from that point" for someone in the same boat as me (warmer print). It was also mentioned in this same suggestion that even natural light may be too dim and warm. I will recalibrate tonight in the dark with the next lower kelvin value and see how it looks when I compare in the morning, and I will compare throughout the day as the natural light changes. Do you have any other suggestions?
  9. I'm calibrating in the dark and comparing my prints to the screen in my normal editing light. The print is not directly next to the monitor when I am comparing the two, I do have to turn my head to look at each. When I am comparing the two, the print is warmer than my monitor.
  10. I have an iMac, Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2015. I couldn't find my test prints I had before we moved a couple of years ago (haven't really printed since we moved in), so I recalibrated with my Spyder4pro according to your instructions, ordered new test prints, and found my monitor to be cooler than my prints. The brightness was a tad off, with the monitor being just slightly darker than the print, but I know how to adjust this. Am I understanding correctly that I cannot change the warmth of my monitor when calibrating, or is there something I need to change in the settings before I begin the calibration process? Is there a way to warm up the colors on my monitor? Also, Spyder4pro is no longer letting me update and I'd like to purchase new calibration software, maybe an early self-Christmas present. What do you recommend? Is SpyderXPro sufficient or something else for my mac? Thank you!
  11. Well, the monitor is officially dying. Tried your suggestion and it did not work. Tried recalibrating and it also did not work. I'm coming to terms with it. Thanks for your post on which monitors to look at, it was a great starting point for me.
  12. I didn't know this one existed. Thank you! I'll take the suggestion of looking into the RGB sliders and seeing where they're at. Then I'll decide whether or not to take the plunge and see what it does to the rest of the colors on the screen. Thanks again.
  13. My screen is much brighter than my prints. The "brightness" setting for my screen is at 0 on the menu, and my screen is still brighter than my prints. I am going through your instructions for recalibrating (Spyder 4Pro for desktop) and I am at the "brightness" section. With my brightness down to 0 and the screen still being brighter than my prints, how do I move forward in calibrating? Do I continue the calibration and aim for 90 as my target? I'm worried if I make the adjustment to 90 for brightness in the calibration process my screen will be even brighter and will be an even worse match for my prints. Spyder 4Pro is telling me my current brightness is 19.5 cd/m^2.. Will you tell me my next step(s)? Should I just move forward with calibrating and have my brightness target at 90 and see what happens? (I'm also wondering how do you know when your monitor is dying...)
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