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  1. It's incredible how your experience saw that straight away, thanks!
  2. Damien, I would really like to send you the three images that you require when help with editing an image. However, when I Cmd N I'm getting this screen and don't know why. I used to be able to be able to Cmd N then Cmd V and everything work out smoothly but now I'm getting a screen that looks like this. Any idea why?
  3. I'm attempting to make a 700x700 crop but the spot (that should show in top left hand corner of PS) Fixed Size is not on my screen. I'm not sure why I can't find it. Are you able to tell me how to find it please?
  4. Just saying hello Damien! I took a little break only because I get tired of the computer screen glaring at me and the chair aching my back from sitting so long. Oh how I wish you had a book or in person classes that I could attend. Talk to you soon!
  5. No, I have not. I can read about it.
  6. Before any editing takes place on this image I would like to know if 1) removing the wrinkles is possible? 2) it is a simple fix? vivid colors; flash/custom WB (what's set in camera)
  7. Please don't say that. You've made an excellent start - much better than some other people. Haha, it didn't kill me!!
  8. I got it with the brush tool. I hadn't signed online until just now so I hadn't even read your message until just now but I did work on several pictures and once I signed on to ask you how you wanted me to send them I saw your messages. Thank you for the explanation and visual!
  9. No, I'd already decided to move on to other images without nipples (even though several in that gallery has nippage ?). I have about 7 or 8 to post. Should I post one at a time and wait for your feedback OR is it ok to post each one (in separate postings) at one time? In the meantime, I'll try the B button...
  10. Thank you. No, I haven’t tried. I will once I’m on the computer. I don’t even know what a brush tool is Damien which I’ll be googling as well . I’m really sorry for bothering. I’ve never used any of this stuff. It’s all a foreign language to me. I know a little about many things in the world BUT editing and its programs I do not. THIS is why 1) I’ve paid people to edit for me and 2) why I even gave up on your classes and 3) why I signed up three times for the same Raw class. I. Do. Not. Know! I’m not seeking attention nor am I trying to make things difficult. I really am trying to learn man, jeesh!
  11. Hi All, I shoot boudoir and need to find a way to cover lady bits (primarily breast nipples) so I’m not in trouble on social media. I’ve searched here in this forum as well as googled (“how to cover nipples in PS”) but nothing is turning up. All I’m getting is how to create/add nipples. Can someone give me a link or maybe give me instructions as to how to do it? The ONLY editing I know how to do is from the Raw Class so keep that in mind if you give me directions Thank you! Shannon
  12. I didn't try. I want to master raw processing before I do anything. (Looks like raw processing will be the death of me!!). However, I did read the article on the patch tool and bookmarked the page.
  13. I would like to remove the white string on the breast left of image. There's also a hair strand that needs removing.
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