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  1. I certainly appreciate that. We will be doing the photos in the fall, so I'll get back with you then. This weekend my model reps are doing a smoke bomb shoot for July 4th theme, so thankfully red, white and blue are colors I could purchase. The client and her mom who want the maroon smoke bomb are good friends, so I know they'll appreciate the effort even if it doesn't quite work out. I'll just be sure to take super cute pics in her varsity jacket without the smoke bombs as well, so then no matter what she'll have great pics!
  2. Sure- Can you pull up these instagram links? https://www.instagram.com/anful_ph/ https://www.instagram.com/hansenshorror/
  3. Hello- I have a client who is wanting to use a maroon (school color) smoke bomb in her senior pictures. Maroon is not a color offered for purchase, so I'm playing around to see if I can make red or purple a maroon color using Hue/Saturation. I'm not really finding a satisfactory shade with that option. Is there a way to sample a color from her outfit and match the smoke bomb color to it? Maybe I could make a selection of the smoke bomb and do some kind of a color layer? Any advise or referral to appropriate lesson I can look up is greatly appreciated, thank you. I have both elements and PS.
  4. Sorry, another question. I have the new monitor and the initial reading was 7368K. It wasn't as warm as the prints, so chose D65 for the second calibration and it now reads 6515K. I may go to the colors because my prints still have more red in the skintones, like they did on my old monitor. My issue is that I know I'm supposed to get the screen to look just like the prints, but I've been liking what's on the screens better. I think the prints are too warm and pink. I keep thinking that I need to have prints after the calibration to compare and I'm not understanding why it's ok to use prints I already have. I think if I can understand the rationale behind it, that will help me. I think I'm not mentally connecting things correctly.
  5. Yes. I tried the RGB and had to adjust the blue. R100 G100 B71. That's a big difference for blue, since you said they should be within 10% of each other. Still came out with the exact same number as before (12, 531K.) Seems like there should have been some kind of change. I've been looking at monitors and saw the Dell U2412 M you recommend was also recommended on another site, as well as the Asus 24". The Dell is now 169.99 on Amazon, thinking I will just go ahead and buy it. (Through your link, of course. ) I've had this monitor a good while, can't remember when my husband purchased it for me.
  6. My screen looks a little better than the prints. The Prints have slight more red to the skin tones, and have lost some detail in the darks.
  7. Ok, somehow I missed that part at the beginning. "warm" was my closest match. There's standard, warm, cool, text. This is better, but over 12,500 K is still high.
  8. I've completed the monitor calibration and I am attaching a screenshot of the end result. Seeing that your tutorial is referencing 6500K as the goal, I'm alarmed with my result of 17,316 K. I'm not sure what exactly that means, and what I need to do next. This is the second time I ran it.
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