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  1. OK. I'll do that. I have done a RAW edit for WB and noise reduction so far. Can I post both photos after just doing just that as a starting point?
  2. One image is underexposed to get the sky, and one is exposed for the waterfall. I'm not sure how I can do a full edit on a purposefully underexposed image.
  3. Giving it a try now. Thanks for your advice.
  4. I believe it is the latter, as the photo is of a waterhole and waterfall, with the sky above. To get the slow shutter speed for the misty waterfall, the sky is blown out.
  5. OK. Thanks! I'll batch edit the NEF images in RAW, then merge to HDR, then photo merge the pano. Sound good? Thanks for your advice.
  6. The merged images will form part of a pano, which I thought I should edit once they are all photo merged in photoshop
  7. It accepts jpeg, TIFF, DNG, PSD and RAW files. Do you think I should save the unedited .NEF file as a PSD before merging?
  8. Hi Damien, I have a landscape image which I have HDR merged in the program Photomatix Pro. When saving the copy, the only options I have to save it are jpeg, TIFF 8 bit, or TIFF 16 bit. Can you please advise the best option to save it in please? It is currently unedited, and I would like to do my RAW edit then take it into Photoshop. Potentially for a large print sale. Thank you Emma
  9. Oh, that's how you get +220, check colorize first!! Got it now thanks heaps! This looks really good don't you think? (Please don't look at the fast and bad masking here).
  10. I'm not sure which colour channel in the hue saturation layer you mean though, sorry!
  11. Perfect! Thank you. What do you think? Please ignore the masking for now, I just wanted to see what you thought first. This is using the solid colour layer, in soft light mode. Would you mind please telling me about those numbers you mentioned earlier for the Hue/Saturation layer? Thank you.
  12. Thanks for your response Damien however, I'm confused about the numbers. It's probably a dumb questions sorry! Are the numbers within the green slider? But it doesn't go up to +220.
  13. Hi Damien I have a green patchwork blanket that I'd like to change the colour of please. I'd like to maybe change it to a blue (I'm not fussy, just not pink colours). I used your method you've addressed in another post but it doesn't completely work in this case due to the patchwork. I used a hue/saturation layer and adjusted the Green slider hue to +80. As you can see, it didn't work on all the areas of the quilt. What would you recommend? (I'm thinking you may recommend Channel Mixer). Could you please help? Thank you Emma
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