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  1. Oh, that's how you get +220, check colorize first!! Got it now thanks heaps! This looks really good don't you think? (Please don't look at the fast and bad masking here).
  2. I'm not sure which colour channel in the hue saturation layer you mean though, sorry!
  3. Perfect! Thank you. What do you think? Please ignore the masking for now, I just wanted to see what you thought first. This is using the solid colour layer, in soft light mode. Would you mind please telling me about those numbers you mentioned earlier for the Hue/Saturation layer? Thank you.
  4. Thanks for your response Damien however, I'm confused about the numbers. It's probably a dumb questions sorry! Are the numbers within the green slider? But it doesn't go up to +220.
  5. Hi Damien I have a green patchwork blanket that I'd like to change the colour of please. I'd like to maybe change it to a blue (I'm not fussy, just not pink colours). I used your method you've addressed in another post but it doesn't completely work in this case due to the patchwork. I used a hue/saturation layer and adjusted the Green slider hue to +80. As you can see, it didn't work on all the areas of the quilt. What would you recommend? (I'm thinking you may recommend Channel Mixer). Could you please help? Thank you Emma
  6. Hi Damien. I have a question about colour change on one of my blankets in a photo, do you want me to ask here or make a new thread? Thank you Emma
  7. You truly are a magician! Thought I'd post to show you the result Thank you so much Damien! How on earth did you come up with those numbers? Is that something that is taught in the advanced levels class?
  8. Hi Damien Would you please be so kind to help with this image? I would like to remove the lady's undies that are visible through the lace. There is a SOOR and a 100% crop of the area in question. Thank you Emma
  9. No, you're right. Even the jumper colour has been changed to suit the mood. The changes you made to my photo are exactly what I was looking for yes, and I love the tones you have created in the background and foreground. Thank you for spending the time to show what it would look like with a similar edit.
  10. ha ha. I actually assumed you used a cooling filter. Actually I'm looking at your selection process. Have you selected the people, copied that into a new photo filter layer, then somehow used the gradient tool? Or did you just apply the cooling filter and mask it off the people and top of the sky? (Sorry if it's a dumb question! But it looks like two steps on the one layer so I am curious). Thank you.
  11. Yes I quite like it, not really for this photo I don't think as it mutes the vibrance of the original a fair bit, but definitely along the lines of what I'm after. Once I learn how you got there in the first place I can use that method with a bit of tweeking if needed. Would you mind sharing how you achieved this look please?
  12. How about this image? Or is the background still too bright? Or what do you think of the edited image from above?
  13. Yes I like that. Thank you. Maybe I will use this image for skin when submitting for the skin class? Do you think that will help?
  14. Hmm I dont know how I want it to look specifically, I just didnt like the strange light look (that I thought was the result of a colour cast). Does that make sense? I was hoping to improve it. I can see if I can find a photo that I wish the colour to look like still though if you think I should. P.S. I don't usually crop first, I have read through that link a long time ago. I should have known better not to do it on one of your threads!!
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