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This weekend we're celebrating Lara's parents' golden wedding anniversary.  I'll turn off posting in the classes from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon Aussie time (roughly late Thursday night to late Saturday night in the USA).  If you have important photos please post them before then.

While I'm away you can still access the classes to read them, of course, and Ask Damien and Ask Brian will still be operating as usual, but answers will be somewhat delayed.

Thanks for your understanding.


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  1. Fun situation. I am working on plans for a new house that will include a study. I want to ensure this room is set-up for editing! My main concern is getting the most ideal lighting into the room. Do you have any suggestions, articles, other resources? Thanks!
  2. Hiding Diaper

    Thanks for taking a look at it. I may have to just leave it as is.
  3. Hiding Diaper

    Sorry that took awhile. My computer decided it need to do a LONG update. Here is two crops for you of different areas.
  4. Is there a way to "hide" the diaper? Ideally I should have caught it while we were taking the picture. Image is SOOR.