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  1. Ok, I'll have look into that. How is the rest looking? I found the top part quite challenging but tried my best.
  2. I read up on how to do shadows (my PS knowledge is very basic). Do you think it works?
  3. Don't worry, i figured out what id done wrong and I'm getting on with it
  4. Wow, thanks Damien, i will try my best today. Have a midwife appointment and a few other bits and bobs going on but I'm keen to try it! At least you'll be going to bed soon so i have all day to attempt it! Thanks for your help and ill post an update as soon as i can
  5. Yes sure, looks great! I figured I could sharpen up the dog etc. afterwards. Also if i learn using this dog i can apply it to any dog and hopefully it would be easier :-)
  6. Im trying to recreate an image by the amazing Tim Flach, I know his is in a studio with flash but I wanted to have a go either way. http://timflach.com/work/dog-gods/slideshow/#4
  7. Hello, I know this won't be easy or may not be possible but what is the best method to either cut this dog out or apply a different background? I'd like to try a white background. Thanks
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