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  1. THanks Yes could be it. How did you mask it? Is the length a thing too?
  2. She has really long eyelashes, and somehow it looks like her eyes are closed here. But they're not. I'm not sure if there's anything I can do to make this better?
  3. meris

    Long cuff

    Yes did exactly as you said, then just adjusted color to match the sleeve. Thanks!
  4. meris

    Long cuff

    Wow that's tough doing that. Managed but took ages. Masking it out and matching the edges. Any tips?
  5. meris

    Long cuff

    Yes I think that looks OK. How do you make the edges of the material? If I cut and paste the ends are just pixels suddenly coming to a stop.
  6. meris

    Long cuff

    Sure, here it is https://www.dropbox.com/s/ypn85cfj3fvdr0e/sleeves.zip?dl=0
  7. meris

    Long cuff

    Yes, we couldn't get the sleeves to stay in. This one is harder, with no hand and the thumb on the other side to deal with.
  8. Having a problem with a short jacket. Is there an easy way to extend this given the wrong angle and I'd need to add a bend to it? I'm looking at a few shots like this, and a couple with arms straight that are easier.
  9. I ended putting the jpg thru raw conversion and fiddled with wb to get it close enough.
  10. I have 1 file with raw that I converted, at the same time going from a WB as shot at 6700+11 to a custom 8419+14 I have another that is from the same shoot, but I lost the RAW! I need to head swap this into the 1st. How can I adjust the skin color to match? I've masked it in position, all that is left is to match the color/brightness Target color: she was looking away. Head to swap in.
  11. If I just color it it becomes too bright, unnatural.
  12. This is my attempt. Swapped mouth, seems OK. I feel there's something wrong with the neck area. Like there's no neck. Where would you suggest I go from here?
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