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  1. Hi Brian - No it does not restart either. I have just done the SMC and PRAM reset and thankfully the PRAM reset seems to have done the trick. It said on the instructions that the iMac should make a start-up sound? Mine doesn't.....I did hold the keys down until the sign in screen came up and when I came to shut it down it did shut down normally. Thanks so much for the help! Jodie
  2. Hi - My Imac desktop has suddenly decided it does not want to shut down anymore. The last 3 times I have had to force it. I unplugged all the hard drives tablet etc to ensure it wasn't anything to do with those but it still won't shut down. It just stays on the screen with the Catalina background. I don't think there are any apps that are causing it as I think I've checked correctly that nothing is running. Any ideas please? Thank-You Jodie
  3. Ok Great that makes sense now. Thanks for all your help. Much appreciated.
  4. Hi Brian Brilliant - Thanks so much for your help. I have run super duper and it seems to of copied everything successfully. I've just got one more question I hope you can answer! I am using the scheduler to run when I plug my 2nd hard drive in. Should I choose the erase and copy or the smart updates? Am I right in thinking that I want the smart updates as this will just add changes and not delete the whole lot and re-copy? Also 'Repair Permissions' what does it mean and should it be ticked? Thanks - is it possible to buy you a beer or two? Appreciate your help.
  5. Hi Brian - I successfully followed your instructions Thank-You. I am just trying to get the super duper part sorted now, The EHDs now appear in the program but I am a bit confused as it says that it will delete everything on images 2? I just wanted to set it up so basically anything changed on my main photo hard drive (images 1) also changed on images 2. is that something to do with scheduling and not the copy now option? I've looked on you tube but I keep getting different answers!
  6. Brilliant Thanks Brian - I am halfway through the process now. Great set of instructions...... I have been holding my breath for most of it! So far so good!
  7. Yes Photos 2 is the new drive, there was a few bits on it which I have taken off. Photos 1 is my main photo drive which I now use and have most of my photos on the rest are on my Mac drive which I will move over at a later date.
  8. Thanks for that Brian......I don't think I would ever of solved it in a million years! Will I have problems with most software I use then not recognising my hard drives or just certain ones? I am In the UK so about to collapse into bed. I can do what ever time is best for you tomorrow?
  9. Hi Brain I have attached the screenshots of the two external drives in disk utilities.
  10. Hi Brian - Yes I can see 3 external hard drives on my desktop. My main photo drive, the new hard drive which i hope to use as a back-up and my passport for mac hard drive which i have time machine on. I've attached a screenshot Thanks
  11. Hi Brian - Not sure what i am doing wrong.... I have downloaded the software you recommended, I opened the program and you get a box pop up that asks you where you want to copy from and to. I want to copy my main external photo drive to another external drive as a back-up - They don't appear in the drop down box? My Mac hard drive appears and my passport for mac which is set up to Time Machine Thanks Jodie
  12. That's brilliant, Thanks so much. I'm going to download it, and hopefully not get too confused! Thank-You
  13. Hi Brian I am running Mac OS Catalina Version 10.15.4 I have 2 external western digital desktop hard drives, one I have started using as a main drive for my photos instead of the iMac hard drive and I have been copying across to the other drive, this isn't ideal if I go and do further edits to my photos on my main drive though as I have to update the 2nd drive. I run time machine on a smaller Western digital passport. Thank-You
  14. Hi! I have starting using an external hard drive as my main drive as before I knew any better I used to save my photos to my iMac. Since I have started shooting for clients now I would like to have another hard drive as a safety net. (I also have an additional hard drive for time machine) My question is how do I mirror the hard drives? I've read about it but cannot figure out how to do it! OR would it be better to have a cloud account such as crashplan? Thanks Jodie
  15. Hi - I have been using Bridge to browse my files - all was well now its started having some glitches. I would like to do the Bridge class as well. I thought an update might be the solution as the bridge version I have been using is 2017. When I go to the creative cloud updates there seems to be 2 versions? I am running photoshop version 21.1.2 I have attached a screenshot. Many Thanks
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