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The Prepress Class is here!  If you ever do design work for CMYK printing, this class teaches you everything you need to know.  Perfect press printing every time.


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  1. ok, i will change them. i thought i still can do something about it before bring them back. Thank you
  2. like for real? are you sure there is nothing i can change while i do my monitor calibration? the blue coate (actually its clear) its supposed to protect my eyes . It would be ideal IF i can keep it.
  3. hi! Damien!!! kindly enlighten me. So, i just got my very 1rst PROGRESSIVE LENSES, its has a screen protection cote and the glass its CLEAR that reflects BLUE. Until here all seems normal. Interesting enough, when i wear them i can see how it warms what i see at the computer while EDITING. IF i remove, my calibrated screen is and looks cooler. I am worried how this will impact my editing towards my prints to make them accurate what shall i take as accurate , the screen or what i see thru my lenses ? how can i re-calibrate my monitor in this case Any feedback? thank you very much! hugs
  4. i do remember that i learned that from HERE but unfortunately is not the case. Still showing the ghost shadow despite i am using BLACK
  5. I am trying to mask and cant find a way to remove this ghost shadow. Why this keeps happening? Thanks Ref: PS cc
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