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  1. I thought I'd come back to this for some practice. I didn't mask precisely but is something like this how you would use colorize to make things a little more similar in color?
  2. Maybe, I’m not sure, just exploring options. Would it just be a colorize layer?
  3. The desired "look" is this: https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/718wwRGGPtL._SL1072_.jpg I thought channel mixer but tried a gradient map with ~4 colors droppered from that above image (and masked off face). I'm mostly happy with it but wondering if there's a better way. He wants that painted look so I stamped everything and did the oil paint filter - applied below but I know that'll be my last step once I get everything else right, but just to give you an idea.
  4. Doh. Well, I was using a template I used for a card a long time ago, and I know that the final sizes are 2inx2in so I do my sharpening based on that. But either way, even when I export any other PSD file to jpg the dimensions and resolution are still changing when I reopen it. I was exporting a layered PSD for upload to my lab’s ordering software. I even tried exporting from a flattened file but I’m getting the same thing?
  5. Hi Damien, When I start a PSD (I was making a collage out of full size exported JPGs) I have my dimensions set to the exact print size and 300dpi which is the resolution the lab requests. I export at quality 100, 100%, embed sRGB, etc. but then when I open the exported JPG in Photoshop again it has changed to 72dpi and the inches have been scaled up. I can re-enter 300dpi and then reset the inches so that it's still the same but I can't figure out why the files do not open with the same dimensions and dpi as I exported?
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