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  1. Yes sir. Thank you.
  2. Oh, I have no idea. I wasn't aware each platform had their own size requirements.
  3. To be used online. It has been resized for web.
  4. How does this look?
  5. Ok. it looks fine here, but in /bridge and PS there is a moire issue.
  6. Damien, could you please help me fix his shirt? If you need the larger file, I can post that as well.
  7. Wow. Mind blown. Thank you so much! Does it look a little dark to you? I did a levels layer to the second one.
  8. Really? Wow, ok. Thank you
  9. Yes, I can try it. Sad to admit, I didn't even see it. Is photo restoration a service you offer?
  10. Ok well the original is glued to a bulletin board and cannot be removed so I guess I'll have to work with what I've got.
  11. These are the options I have when scanning a photo with my printer. Should I photograph it instead?
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