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  1. Thanks so much for the suggestions! I've been so hung up on picking a body I didn't think about the lenses. I have the Canon 50mm 1.8 lens and the 85mm 1.8 lens I've been letting them use and I did notice the indoor photo quality is better than with the kit zoom lenses. Adding a 35 mm is a good idea. I will go this route, get a few old model Rebels and then try to get some prime lenses. Really half of them are still having issues putting the SD cards in the correct way so expensive cameras would be a waste, at least on this group of kiddos. Thanks again!!!
  2. Hi Brian, I'm hoping for a camera body suggestion from you. I am a hobbyist/intermediate level photographer. I shoot with a Canon 5D Miii and L-class lenses. I have been teaching a 6th grade (12 year olds mainly) course at my elementary school. Right now, everyone is shooting with what they can bring to the club and the range greatly varies. I have an old Canon 60D and xsi the club is "borrowing". I'm saving up their club fees to buy a few cameras. Right now I have about $1400 to spend. I'm debating what camera body to buy. Used is fine, probably prefered so I don't cringe as much when they drop what they are using. My biggest concern is getting photos of "decent" quality, in crappy low light classroom situations, that they kids can have published in the yearbook and be proud that they shot these photos. Are you familiar enough with the rebel line to offer advice? How old can I go and still get okay quality? They are not fantastic photographers, most are still having issues focusing. Their outdoor stuff is decent but their indoor is poor. My debate is getting one or two of the more recent models or going to the $300 range and getting four bodies like the t1000. Do you have a recommendation on models to choose or stay away from? (photo to see the range of cameras this year has) Thanks!!!
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