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  1. Thanks! As soon as I get a couple edited, I'll post! Thanks for the encouragement!
  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence! I'm glad to hear I'm on the right track. The ambient light may not be good. It's in a church hall that's quite modern so no windows. I did warn our club coordinator that I may want to move to the lobby with glass windows and doors and lower ceilings. I had asked for a classroom with windows and was told that since Santa will be occupied with photos most of the time, they wanted Santa in a visible location during the party. I may just push for the lobby then. The hall has high ceilings so no help there for bouncing light. Thanks for helping me think this through. It's my first official venture for off camera lighting. I have the head-knowledge. Time to put it into practice! With little kids this age and the typical emotion Santa can bring out, it should be quite comical! Can't wait to share some here. :-D
  3. I have two I can use ( a second flash/transmitter and another umbrella) but I've never used it before. I guess I should practice. I'm concerned about shadows. With the one light I was just going to put it behind me (about 6 to 7 feet up) and light them with flat light on them to avoid shadow issues and avoid glasses glare if it's angled down at them. I guess I should rethink? I like the fake glasses idea! Thanks!
  4. A week from tomorrow, I'm taking photos for our parents of multiples group (twins, triplets, etc...) while the kids visit our Santa. I'm aware that I need to watch out for glare with his glasses but are there any editing problems I can avoid now with good preparation? I know the color red has the tendency to give cameras a hard time. I believe they're supplying a white background. Any advice is appreciated. My setup is a simple canon flash on a single light stand bouncing into a 43" silver umbrella in case that assists with the advice.
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