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  1. Hi Damien I am back with a Mac now soi should be right to go ?
  2. On the spirit of Tasmania heading back to QLD for a bit .
  3. Yes it's working ok , but every thing like the fly outs are all still small
  4. Sorry Damien no it dos'nt should I just re install it again
  5. Yes all others a ok , I don't know if I touched something or what
  6. Hi Damien I have no idea what I've done here but when I start up Photoshop the logo thing is about 2*2 & then when it opens it takes the whole screen , how do I fix it please .
  7. Well I am sad but what can you do ☹️Damien how much would it cost me to do your course sliver again .
  8. Hi Damien I just heard back from the computer repaire man & my computer doesn't have a normal hard drive it has like a RAM thing in there so I can't get the bigger drive I just have to use external hard drives .
  9. Yes I have to go through my photos and cull them , I take 5 at a time so I need to be careful & cull them .
  10. Hello Damien my PC only had a 500GB hard drive so I sent it ofto the doctors to get a 1TB hard drive in it so hopefully that will fix the problem.
  11. I don't really know yet , I'll check it after tea . I am so over it , I am going home in 3 mths I think I'll get my son to fix it for me .
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