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  1. Thanks. I was having trouble getting it to record but I've managed it now. Thanks again Emma
  2. Thanks Damien. I have downloaded them and customised it and it works fine apart from when placing the watermark it doesn't zoom out like it used to. That's what I'm struggling with Emma
  3. Hi I had this action all customised and working fine then my 2 year old accidently replaced my actions! Some that I have purchased I can no longer find but I've tried re customising this action and it's all good apart from my previous version would zoom out around the reveal all step so that I could see the entire Image and move the watermark to where I wanted to put it. I can't figure out how to get it to do this again. I'm using the variable watermark, no border. I obviously never saved them anywhere and I have learnt my lesson! Any help much appreciated. Emma
  4. Sorry for a delayed response. I have looked at the files several times. The only one I think is a similar style is this one. Emma
  5. Sorry it seems to have been removed. Here is a direct link. I cant link to a single image but it is on this page 5 images along in particular but any of the ones taken in the woods. http://daniellehagensfotografie.nl/portfolio/zwangerschap/ Emma
  6. https://m.facebook.com/groups/499252776856607?view=permalink&id=888616221253592 This is the style I would love to emulate x
  7. OK, do you think you can help me take my photos to the next level artistically? will I be able to get help with knowing what to do with an image as well as techniques? the exchange rate is killing me!
  8. How much would it b to join the deluxe class? I have done the standard levels class but my subscription ran out when my mum was ill n I was looking after her.
  9. I appreciate thismight not be the right forum for this question so please delete if you wish. I recently took what I think are some nice photos of my son in the new forest (UK). However I'm really struggling to figure out how to give my images the WOW factor. I can't seem to decide how to artistically edit them so they are really lovely images. I tried following the instructions for the muted background question asked on 7th oct as the image with her little boy is stunning. I feel them image has decent DOF so didnt do the first step in terms of blurring the background but have used a hue/saturation layer to bring out the autumn colours in the trees and grass whilst masking it off the path and the subject. But i still feel its abit meh! Any advice would be apprieciated. Thank you. The first image is SOOR.
  10. So I'm using the action discussed above and using the batch option in bridge to run the action in Photoshop. As the files are still raw they are first opened in acr (as I have previously to this performed my raw processing on these files and pressing option done rather than save). As they are opened in acr individually the previous settings for the sliders are not saved and the file seems to just take on the sliders and crop settings from the previous file it opened. Sorry if I'm not explaining it very well, it's very odd! Emma
  11. Do you know why when I batch process in bridge, when the raw images are opened in acr before the action is run in Photoshop why they often take on the slider and crop settings from the previous image? It's getting rather annoying finding they are suddenly cropped or dodgy wb after output. Good job I check mine through before handing over!
  12. Sorry was out. I have tried this but its gone back to previously. I can just leave out the crop stage. Thanks for your help though.
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