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  1. attached the ICC profile. Please send it to your photographer/s so they can upload this to photoshop and the images will then have the correct adjustments
  2. Yes no conversion to CMYK but I will just double check that today.
  3. Colour process for newspaper print images when the print company change/ move to gloss paper rather than the old 9% grey thin paper.
  4. Hi Damien, Apologies I didn't see your comments as I actually didn't receive any email notifications about your post. Funny I was just coming back to this thread, as I have a new profile to load and wanted to check the steps again. I have done exactly the same as above ( In Mac OS, copy profiles into the /Library/ColorSync/Profiles folder or the /Users/[username]/Library/ColorSync/Profiles folder.) and then go to ( Edit>Color Settings, and load the color settings file they sent you.) the file is there however it is greyed out and I am unable to select it to load?
  5. I have just discovered that this Mac has a built in Calibration option.
  6. Apple have said that from the options listed in your Calibration instructions for the X-Rite - That any of the new 4K and 5K retina models are a Wide Colour Gamutt P3. White LED ( Backlit) will be for printing and graphics as they produce a better colour reproduction. RGB Display is OLED and is used for watching movies as they have a high contrast ratio. So based on this I am going to select the Wide Gamut CCFL option....as the Technology Type menu (5). CCFL: This basically means ” not LED”. Most older LCD screens will be CCFL, but newer ones are likely to be LED instead. Wide Gamut CCFL: If you bought a wide-gamut screen, you’ll remember, because your wallet is probably still hurting. Most laptop and Mac screens are normal gamut, but check your paperwork if you’re not sure. (Please don’t mix up wide gamut with wide format. Wide format screens are … y’know, wide. 16:9 shape, or whatever. “Wide Gamut” refers to the range of colours they can show. If the salesman boasted to you about a “110% gamut” or “Adobe RGB gamut” screen, it means wide-gamut.) White LED: This is the most common type of modern screens. If you know your screen is LED, it’s almost certainly white LED. RGB LED: RGB LED screens are still pretty expensive and rare. If you’ve paid top dollar for one of these, you probably won’t be using the ColorMunki to calibrate it, to be honest. Projector: This tutorial doesn’t cover projector calibration, sorry.
  7. G'day Damian, Just about to calibrate my my Imac 27 inch, is this correct that it is "White LED" selection for the display? Cheers Retina 5K display 27-inch (diagonal) Retina 5K display 5120‑by‑2880 resolution with support for 1 billion colours 500 nits brightness Wide colour (P3)
  8. Yes, when I export from LR the file stetting for the colour profile is sRGB. Yes, when I export from LR the file stetting for the colour profile is sRGB.
  9. So to answer their question about using the right profile, am I able to say that it is correct?
  10. This is the only spot I can see where to change over to "North America General Purpose 2". Is that correct to change? The issue was with a malfunction with the printing press and then it was questioned ( third party) that they thought maybe (my) colours were not as bright as others supplied. So the printers wanted to know profile I was using.
  11. Ok. How do I change that over so it becomes a permanent setting? No I have always been told to supply JPEG as the program that they use to upload the files converts the JPEG to CMYK and if I supplied a CMKY file it would be double converted and creat funky colours. Would you like me to double check this tomorrow? I am just heading out for 30mins and will be back then.
  12. This is the Press profile expanded to see the full options. How was BB? Was it a win?
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