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  1. Hi Damien, can I please get a focus check? Thanks! ISO 100 1/200s f/4
  2. Will give that a go. Thanks Damien!
  3. Same dress, different photo. Do you know why this is this happening? Will I need to be dealing with this often? Thanks again for your help!
  4. Success!! You are a legend!! Thank you so much! I have a similar problem with mum who was wearing a blue dress. Will this number combination work for different colours or will I need a new set of numbers to apply to her dress?
  5. Will try again...so when you say Red 0, +101, 0, -2 What does the 0 directly after the Red mean? Can't see where I need to input that zero? Sorry if that's a silly question!
  6. Ok, got you. When I mask it onto the shirt it comes up even more distorted
  7. Thanks for the reply Damien. Not sure I'm doing it right, it just made it all monochrome. So I open the photo in Photoshop, create new channel mixer adjustment layer, then go to the red channel and adjust to the values R +101, G 0, B -2, the go to green channel and put in those values you listed and so on?
  8. Hi Damien, Recently started shooting with the R6 and editing this session I've noticed this coloured Moire on the client's clothing. I have read your article and I can still see it in the raw file at 100%. Please see 100% crop Thanks, Monique
  9. Phew, thank you! Do you have any idea what might be causing it? Never seen this before!
  10. Hello, With a recent batch of prints, some of them came back with these strange lines on them. But only about half of them. They are 6x4" prints on fine art paper. When you look at the print in landscape orientation the lines run vertically but only on parts of the image, mainly the shadows. Any ideas on what might be causing this? Is it my files or the printing process? Files saved as 6x4" 300dpi Thanks!
  11. Ok, thanks Damien, I'll do some test prints and see how they turn out.
  12. Ok, maybe I'll try a couple on Lustre and see what results I get...do these look flat to you though?
  13. Hi again Damien, so I went and spoke to the lab yesterday. These were printed on Matte paper, which I have done in the past without too much of a change. The manager pulled up the photo of the boy I posted above on his computer to compare to the print, and thought they printed correctly. He said that looking at my histogram it was already a quite a "flat" image and then the Matte paper made it even more flat looking. Here is the histogram...I kind of see what he's saying, but contrast-wise it looks quite good on my screen. He suggested adding more "pop" to the images and try reprinting. Does he have a point do you think?
  14. Thank you, good to know, going into the lab to talk to them tomorrow. Thanks Damien
  15. Thanks for the quick reply Damien, I'll contact them then. From the examples do you think these images should print up well? I really want to produce amazing prints for my clients...
  16. Hi Damien, I just received an order of 6x4s back from my lab (a pro lab). I have my screen calibrated to as close a match as I can get. My target luminance using using colormunki display is 80 (the lowest setting), the calibration print is slightly desaturated (especially the blues) compared to what I see on screen, but I felt it was close enough. Haven't had trouble before and just ordered an album from another supplier and was happy with the result. These prints I got back seem quite grey/desaturated and there's a tinge of magenta in them. They're just a bit "blah". I'm trying to work out why. Could it be the lab was having a bad day? Is there something wrong with my calibration? Where should I go from here? I definitely want to get them right for my clients but don't want to end up with the same results. I've checked and I'm definitely in sRGB. I've attached a couple of the images... both looked really good to me onscreen...the one of the girl has printed with a magenta tinge on the wall in the background and I just can't see it in my file. Can you see it? Thanks for any help you can offer!
  17. Hi Damien, I've had my first jaundice baby. Would love to know if I'm on the right track. I followed your photo filter tutorial, this is using the LBB cooling filter. Here is the SOOR and my attempt at using the cooling filter. Thanks!
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