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  1. Thanks Brain .... Did you get a chance to look at the bigger Dell monitor ?
  2. Inspiron Desktop $1,599.001 was looking at this computer yes/no ??? or choose something else thats not dell ???? have max $3000
  3. Will get the link ...the above computer is not on special anymore grrr can you recommend a similar 1 at similar price sorry
  4. Hoping to buy in the above computer in the next few days ...just wanted to ask if price is the only thing to worry about between the 24 " or 27 " monitor ...thanks Brain
  5. Thinking of buying from Dell .... I have a photography business need everything and have $2500 Australian to spent ... Want to buy today ... Please help !!! Reading forum but getting confused
  6. o.k have a whole day to get rocking with posting images and learning lots........ have my 2 screen shot just need to work out how to save them to a file that i can post for review ...do i save them in PS as jpegs and then put them on my hard drive????
  7. o.k that 2 hours of following Raw instructions...now working on posting them to you...might be another 2 hours
  8. My Lr changed everything and most files are now jpeg.....but never fear I'm the master..... just imported to my drive as a dng then double clicked
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