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  1. Dang it! I am afraid of doing too much to the photos. I will repost them. The mom of the senior was asking for the second set. That is why I posted them. I apologize for being flaky. Photoshop and me, we are not good company. I did love to take the photos, but I get all skidish when I have to photoshop them.
  2. Where are the modules at? The Table of Contents...11? I did remove the white noise. What did I do wrong?
  3. Changed pictures! I would like to have help with their faces, please!
  4. I have blotchy, almost gray discoloration on my seniors face. That is what I need help with! Thanks! I did exactly this the last time and has trouble! Thanks for the guidance to get it uploaded. I would like help with all the discoloration on her face, please. And the water and sky on this one. Thanks, Beach
  5. Hey Damien! How do I upload a photo ? I have this pics that I need to get shipped out soon. They are senior pics!
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