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  1. Sadly he couldn't do it either. The buttons do not line up with the boxes and I have no up or down buttons. Also before I have a chance to figure it out it times out completely.
  2. Thank you Christina, I apreciate you taking the time to explain it. I've got a computer chap comming to show me what to do, I think I will grasp it better once I am shown, then next time I can do it myself.
  3. I'm going to have to get someone to show me, this is ridiculous
  4. The buttons can be pressed to left or right at best, not up and down
  5. And the mouse has no effect on moving anything inside these boxes
  6. Yes, this is what happens when I press them, but am unable to move anything in the boxes up or down, the arrows on my keyboard don't move the settings
  7. Where is the screen menu??? do you think I need a few computer lessons first and get back to you? This is very frustrating
  8. Well pressing these buttons are getting me nowhere, I think your instructions assume I know my way around this computer which I don't.
  9. ok, the instructions from the spyder or your instructions?
  10. updated. im using an acer K272HL monitor
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