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  1. I just got a new MacBook Pro and it has “True Tone” as an option for the screen. Should I have that on or off?
  2. I understand that if the histogram spikes on either side that I'm losing detail in the shadows or the highlights but what does it mean when it spikes all the way to the top but not on the sides?
  3. Hallelujah I figured it out! I had to drag and drop it into the profile manager! Gz
  4. I've tried saving it in the nikon d810 folder, I've tried saving it in the adobe standard folder....
  5. It says it should automatically save to the folder it's supposed to to be able to use it.
  6. First time if went to the documents folder. Second time I tried I saved it to my desktop
  7. I need help with my colorchecker passport custom camera profiles. I followed the steps, opened a raw file into ace, saved as a dng file, dragged and dropped the file into the color checker passport software and hit create profile, saved the profile, restarted everything and when I go into photoshop ace and click the camera icon to choose my camera profile, the one I just created does not show up.
  8. I spoke with millers lab and she gave me their specific calibration numbers for each thing so I re calibrated and sent prints to them and they are going to send me some test shots of non color corrected and color corrected to see if it's straightened out now
  9. Ok so I got prints back from after calibrating the monitor and using the spider lite in the room rather than the ceiling light. The skin tones on my monitor are cooler than the print and I am not happy with the colors in the skin tone of the print so what do I need to do to the monitor? I think it looks good on my monitor. On the print it almost has a neon color feel to the skin tone so I feel something must be off in my monitor.
  10. I brought my spyderlite up to my office room. The print looks much better in comparison to the screen but screen is a touch cooler but not too much
  11. Ok so what do I need to do. The room I have the computer in is really my only option
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