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  1. i can send you the paper work that they want me to follow it
  2. hey damien i just had a quick question i picked a new printing lab near me and they gave me this calibration kit so i can compare my calibration from my screen to the 8x10 that that they did on their calibrated monitor. they tell me to set my monitor to temperature to 5000 degrees Kelvin what do you think of this idea?
  3. hey damien i have to export about 2000 images some of them are landscapes and others are portraits now my questions is how can i batch process them to have my watermark always in the middle and my watermark is a bunch of text going across the image right now how can i get this done if you need sample images i can send some over.
  4. daminem i been trying for 3 days now cutting this image out the right way and i cant get it right for the life of me
  5. what do you think i know your honest i want to be like you i know i have alot to learn so i want to do things the right way.
  6. hey damien can you help me fix one of the images i took it was senior night and i had to shoot quick i need help fixing the eyes
  7. Hey damien i found the photographer for this image http://www.dixielanephotography.com/ here is the link to the photographer
  8. That's where I seen it bud I don't know what photographer did that
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