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  1. You are totally right. Sorry! I was looking at JPG files. Yes, the DNG's from my camera are 20MB.
  2. Yes I have compared it. The files range from about 3MB-22MB which seems like a huge range, but that is consistent with other sessions of mine that I haven't had any file issues with. I changed from Adobe RGB to sRGB. The files still will not open. It is giving me the error "Unable to open full size image. There was an error parsing the file." I've called around to various data recovery services and no one seems to know what to tell me that will help.
  3. Hi Damien, Thank you so much for responding. I definitely need to try Bridge. I was able to recover the whole session (roughly 350 images) and many of them are very large files (20MB) and even those will not open. Any thoughts on those ones? Thank you again for your help!
  4. Hi All, I have a very old session that my client finally selected her images for. When I went back through Lightroom to locate the files they were mysteriously gone. They were also completely gone from my Time Machine backup. I have no idea how this happened. I used a Data Recovery program (EaseUS) to find the files. They are a .DNG extension, and no matter what I do I can not get any program to open them. I have used the Adobe DNG converter and still can't get it to work. Any advice?
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