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  1. What sort of file format should I send someone who is having to do etching? I thought a dng would at least give them as much info as I could to work with. They did send the files back orginally as a layered .psd file, but the client asked for jpegs. I can’t see how a cut out image on a pure white background, now flattened to a jpg, can be used to make a catalogue etc without having to be etched again. What a headache! As always, thank you for your time in replying. Much appreciated. Have donated to beer fund. Thank you Damien.
  2. Hi Damien and team. I recently did a product shoot for a friend and the RAW files were converted from cr3 into a digital negative after importing into Lightroom. The job was initially to shoot against a white background and hand the files over to their graphic designer. The friend rings me 3 days later and says the files need to be deep etched. I’m not very good with the pen tool so I outsourced them to DeepEtch and when the digital negative files came back they were 2.3 mb jpgs in a zip file. But when I opened them in photoshop to look them over, the file size in the bottom left hand corner read 20+mp. And the files were 5000+mp on long edge and 3000+mp on short edge, and 300dpi with 100% quality. Something doesn’t feel right here, and these images need to be printed for catalogue and banner and ecommerce site. Even when I pulled one of my own digital negatives into photoshop and did an Export As- the file sizes were only 2.9 mb at the most. Am I missing some basic education here? First foray into doing something bigger than photographing plates of food for bloggers.
  3. Hi Damien! Lovely to see that you have a new forum. Congratulations and well done! x
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