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  1. yeah -- sorry about that! Glad it got me back in the loop with your website though! =)
  2. SUCCESS! I realized I hadn't updated Photoshop CC -- so I did that and restarted the computer, and it appeared!
  3. Yikes. Ugh. I just got lucky eh? Ill let you know if/when i get it to work
  4. I poked around online and here and didn't come up with anything. Thank you. Unfortunately it is photos of my husband's recently deceased grandmother, so I'm eager to resolve the issue quickly in time for the memorial service.
  5. Hi! I recently updated bridge (cc 2017 I think - forgive me I'm not at home right now to double check). (I use a Mac desktop). I have a folder full of raw processed images I want to save as jpegs and I normally select them all in bridge then use Tools>Photoshop>Image Processor. however "photoshop" is no longer listed under tools! Am I missing something? Thank you! toni
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